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The Virgin Mobile Experience, Part 3: The End

I got a response to my latest email to Virgin Mobile Cs, which had provided them with the requested information and telling them what I need them to do to keep me as a customer.

Their response was that their records show the latest replacement phone they sent me was activated on October 7th. This was the day I tried numerous times to activate the phone but was unable to and sent them the email asking for help with this problem. They said if I am still having trouble to reply to the message and they will escalate the issue.

I am not replying. I am cancelling my account, and heading to the Cricket store tomorrow morning to go back to them instead.

While Virgin Mobile CS has been awesome in terms of timely responses, they have had roughly two months to fix the problems I have been experiencing. Problems that THEY caused. In the few months I have been a customer with them, most of the time has been spent with a phone not working and emailing cs back and forth trying to get it fixed. I am not willing to continue the cycle of emailing, waiting, getting frustrated when things still are not fixed, emailing and waiting again… I feel like they are skating around the problems rather than just outright fixing them. I have given them more than a fair chance to make things right and get a working phone in my hands. They have failed repeatedly to do that. So I am done.

Cricket is not without their own unique set of problems, which are liekly to change now that AT&T has bought them. But at least I know their service actually works, and they have a brick and mortar store I can go to for immediate, in-person help with my phone or account if there are ever any problems. They have gone out of their way to make me happy in the past, unlike Virgin Mobile who do not seem to give a shit if you have a functioning phone or not so long as they get your money month after month. Yeah their plans are cheaper but what good is that if the service is not reliable? What good is a speedy cs team if they never do anything to fix a problem?

Cricket wins in my book. I have already picked out the phone I want online. It is a better phone than the piece of junk Virgin sent me (three times) and it is currently free after a mail in rebate.

Buh-bye Virgin Mobile. I will never look back, nor will I ever recommend your so-called service to anyone looking for a new wireless provider, instead I will steer them away from you because there is much better out there.


One thought on “The Virgin Mobile Experience, Part 3: The End

  1. Hey sweetness. Thank you for being so caring and understanding about what we’re going through right now. It’s all so overwhelming; both Roger and I have really been struggling to cope, and the outpouring of comfort, love, and compassion people have been giving us has been nothing less than amazing. We are so grateful, so appreciative to you and to everyone who’s been walking this road with us… I’m sorry I haven’t been here to show you that. You are always in my thoughts, my friend, no matter what’s going on…
    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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