Melting Pot

The Virgin Mobile Experience, Part 2

When I last left you, I was waiting the three business days before checking in with Virgin Mobile’s “specialists” to find out what they were going to do about the fact that the replacement phone they sent me has a serial number not in their system.

When I got a reply to my message asking for an update, I was informed that another replacement phone had been ordered and to expect it to arrive in three to five business days.

So I waited. When the new phone – which remember is phone number three in as many months – arrived, I installed the battery and popped it on the charger. Upon my attempts to swap and activate the phone to my account, it would not activate. I tried several times, each time getting a “could not connect to the network” error.

Once again I fired off an email to ask for help. I also told them I am not interested in recieving yet another replacement phone. In their response, I was informed that I am not the only one having problems. Apparently there was an inventory screw up of some sort which has resulted in people who have ordered the AWE recieving a version of the phone that is not compatible with their service plan. They requested some basic info, including an alternate contact phone number, and said that someone will get back to me to sort the problem. It sounded an awful lot like they want to handle the issue via phone not email, and like yet another replacement phone is going to be necessary.

I do not have a alternate phone on which to be contacted. Hence my need for a reliable mobile phone. Which I told them when I replied with the requested information. I also informed them that I have looked over the other phones they currently have available as well as those currently available from my previous service provider. I repeated that I have no interest in continuing to try to get an AWE that actually works. I informed them my previous provider has a better phone available for free, told them which of their phones is most comparable to that one (at a price of $100) and said if I can be upgraded to that phone for free, and provided there are no problems with that phone, I will happily stay a Virgin Mobile customer. Otherwise I am going back to my old provider.

Much of my ~3 months as a Virgin Mobile customer has been without reliable service. The fact I am still willing to continue to give them a chance to make me a happy customer says a lot about me I think, because it is a pretty safe bet that after even a fraction of this time and after the first replacement phone not working most people would have moved on.

So now I am just waiting to see how much they really want to have me as a (happy) customer. If they are not willing to upgrade me to a better phone, which I feel is only fair and the least they can do given the fact that all the issues I have had are a result of THEM making mistakes and those mistakes have meant I have paid for mobile service I have not been able to use for weeks on end, then I truly will go back to my old provider, who really does have a suitable, better phone currently available for free.

Part 3 of the saga to come in the future…


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