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Knockout Knits by Laura Nelkin

This book contains 23 patterns in three chapters: Wrapped Stitches At Play, Get Your Lace On, and Beaded Beauties. There is also, of course, an introductory section that explains some knitting basics like gauge, different yarn weights and fibers, and blocking. Each chapter also opens with some basic instruction on the main tenchniques used in that chapter – how to wrap a stitch, how to read lace charts, how to pre-string beads onto your yarn etc. There is a lot of helpful information so that if you are new to knitting, or just to the techniques in the book, you will understand the patterns.

A couple of the patterns do not have very clear pictures of the finished items for me – it is nice to see how they look on a model so you know how things look when worn however a good clear shot of just the item is nice for certain things so you can really see the stitch pattern and the shaping of the item. But for the most part they are shown well in lovely color photographs. The patterns are well written and easy to follow.

Of the patterns included, there is really only one that stands out to me as something I am likely to make at some point. There are eight that I may or may not make, two of which I am a little more interested in than the others. The remaining fourteen patterns I will never make. They are lovely designs, they are simply not my style. I would highly recommend that you try to look through the book in full at a local book store before buying so you can evaluate whether or not you feel it is worth the price tag in relation to how many of the patterns you like and would make. (This is a good practice for ALL pattern books to avoid regretting a purchase!)

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

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