Melting Pot

Get It Together, WordPress

For some reason, Word press keeps unsubscribing me from blogs I have chosen to follow with their reader. Considering my lack of a computer with an internet connection and the slow, spotty connection I have on my mobile devices, researching this issue has been a fruitless pain in the ass.

I only follow three blogs with the word press reader. So I easily spot when I have been unsubscribed and which blogs I am no longer subscribed to. I have re-subscribed numerous times over the past couple of months but still, periodically I open up the app to see what is new and they have once again vanished. When I go directly to the blogs in question, the “follow” option is there, verifying that for some reason I am no longer subscribed even though I personally did not make any changes to my subscriptions.

It’s fine if you want to be a little bitch, wordpress. Really it is. Like I said I only follow three blogs with the wp reader. I will simply add each of them to the rss reader I have and use for other blogs and then I won’t have to deal with your bullshit anymore.

You may be wondering why I did not already have these three blogs in the other reader. I honestly cannot give a good reason. My mind is a peculiar thing and works out some things in ways that make sense to me even if they do not quite make sense generally speaking.

Now, pardon me whilst I go add those three blogs to my rss reader.


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