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Snack Girl to the Rescue!  By Lisa Cain


The first 120 pages of this book are devoted to the talk: the author’s  history with weighty struggles and numerous bits of advice for those trying to shed excess pounds.  It was nothing earth shattering or that you haven’t  already heard if you are trying to lose weight: make healthier food choices and get enough exercise.  I did like that she included some notes on BMI and why is it NOT a reliable way to determine whether or not you are over or underweight or overall healthy/unhealthy. BMI seems to be the “in” way to determine these things anymore but it truly is not an accurate measure of one’s  health and it was nice to see a book about eating healthier where the author actually did some real research to know this rather than pushing for use of BMI levels as so many do these days. 

The recipe section of the book includes a fair variety of dishes from breakfast to dessert and snacks, though some sections are more sparse than others.  Understandably as it is ultimately a diet book more than a cookbook,  snack and dessert recipes are fewer than those meant for meal time.  There are no pictures included which is disappointing to me.  I prefer cookbooks that include a picture for each recipe.  The pages are printed on standard paper you would expect when buying a novel,  rather than the thicker,  glossy paper used for many recipe books.  This makes the book feel sort of flimsy to me. 

Overall it is an ok book but not great.  Some of the recipes look promising while others can hardly be considered recipes.  (“Cauliflower Rice” for example which is simply grating cauliflower into small rice-sized pieces and microwaving it till tender.  That’s  a serving suggestion,  not a recipe.) Many,  if not all of the recipes can be accessed for free on the author’s  web site,  also.  I don’t  really feel like this one is worth the price tag of $17.99 USD,  given the heard-it-all-before info taking up 120 pages,  the paper quality,  lack of recipe photos,  and the free access to the recipes online. 

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.


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