Melting Pot

10 Things I Hate/Love

In no particular order

10 things I hate:

1. I am unsure how to best describe this without coming off as something I am not and do not wish to be labelled…. “rap speak” will work I suppose. I hate this trend of using, for example, “dem” instead of “them”, “doe” instead of though etc.

2. Chat speak – especially in actual spoken conversation. A little here and there is ok but the entire message should not consist of chat speak. And when you are actually speaking to someone, for the love of God, please actually speak! There is no need to vocalize your chat speak or say things like “O M G, her hair! Hashtag amazing!”. No. Just… no.

3. Teenagers in general. The entitled attitudes and lack of respect. Ugh. I so very sorely regret that I used to be one myself though I have to say I was a freak and while I had my typical teen moments for the most part I was well mannered. A prime example: while waiting in line at Sheetz recently I had the great misfortune of sharing the time with some teens who very much need a reality check and some manners smacked into them. One thought he was clever making frequent “it wasn’t me” cat calls to no one in particular. When his drink was ready he took it and flicked his receipt onto the floor behind the counter. Rude much, little boy? Meanwhile two of his friends were busy draining hot water and coffee from the self serve carafes. This I could not tolerate and was about to speak up when they looked over and saw me. Apparently my “You are such a disgraceful little shit” stare was effective because they knocked it off immediately. And yes when my drink was ready I made sure I thanked the young man behind the counter for doing his job well and in a timely manner despite the arrogant little schmucks in the store, and I discarded my receipt in the trash can. Right beside the door.  But then I always say thank you, I was raised properly. Thank you mom and dad.

4. Couple social media accounts. I don’t care how happy you two claim to be in your relationship – a page run by a couple is just weird and to me it reeks of “there are major trust issues with this relationship so we are sharing accounts so there can be no secrets!”. The alternatives are no more appealing. We are way too co-dependent to be able to do ANYTHING alone, we are really super miserable but don’t want anyone to know etc. Just stick to your individual pages please. If you have to do something all cutesy happy couple together, you can both set your profile pictures to one of the two of you together. (But NOT a picture of you kissing. Nobody wants to see that.)

5. Black licorice. It is just disgusting. (What? The list can’t be all my rants against humanity, I might not be able to stop myself from making the list much longer if I did that. And this post needs a little humor.)

6. When people expect you to do things differently because of their wants/needs/preferences. No chance buddy. No chance.

7. That empty, lost feeling you get when you read the final words of a good book. I know a story can’t go on forever but I miss the characters and wonder what would happen next for them. (I am a total weirdo, I know. No need to point it out.)

8. The term “selfie(s)”. I am not elaborating on this one because I am bothered enough by this it warrants a post of its own. Yep. Dun dun duuunnnn…. oh it won’t be that bad, I promise.

9. Looking in the mirror at night before bed and realizing that, oddly, I look better with the messy hair and smudgy makeup than I did in the morning when everything was freshly done and “nice”. Naturally at this point it doesn’t matter because my only company is the dog and my pillows. WHY?!

10. The fact that a neighbor can’t seem to let me and the dog be outside in peace. When she sees we are outside she has to let her dog out too so the dogs can play together. Yeah they are buddies and it is good they can socialize a bit but sometimes I like to just sit and enjoy my furry four legged companion’s company. Sometimes I am sick (or just in a bad mood) and really do not want to be outside chaperoning two dogs who don’t listen to me when they are playing because they are too over excited for an hour and I just want to have my dog out for a couple minutes to do her business. If I want them to have a play date, I will let you know in advance. If I have not said anything, please just keep your dog inside for a while till I take mine back in. Why is that difficult?

And to end this post with happy, less bitchy thoughts;

10 things I love:

1. The way a certain someone says my name. It just sounds so different than when everyone else says it.

2. Said certain someone. (Insert dreamy sigh here.)

3. The way it smells when it’s raining, and in those first few minutes after a rainstorm. Everything just seems so pure in those moments.

4. The spicy smell of autumn. It isn’t made up for candles, you know. If you live in the right place, it really does smell like that – well,  nature does it better of course. And it is amazing.

5. Finding a book you love so much you can read it again and again and again and never tire of it.

6. Shoes. There. I admit it. I am a typical woman with an unnatural fascination with footwear. And purses, too. What?

7. Being a natural redhead. I don’t think this one needs explaining.

8. Pillows. Big, soft, squishy pillows are the best. No bed should have less than four.

9. Homemade bread. Especially still warm from the oven and slathered with still warm from the stove jam/jelly. Yummy!

10. Singing along with my favorite songs. I can’t carry a tune in a bucket, but I don’t let that stop me. When I am alone. I would not subject others to my caterwauling. That would be cruel.


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