Melting Pot


I have spent the past two and a half days doing little else but sleep. Tomorrow will likely be much the same. There is a bug making the rounds up here and seemingly everyone is getting it. Both dad and I caught it though it seems to have hit me much harder than it hit him. His recent rounds of antibiotics probably have something to do with that. I suspect I got it from my friend’s family. It started with one of her rug rats then the whole family got it. I did not join my dad in giving them a ride to a dr appointment last week before I got sick specifically to avoid getting sick. When he got home I wiped down the inside of the car with disinfecting wipes in an effort to minimize my exposure. Guess it was too little too late though. But hey the effort was there.

I honestly am not sure of the point of this post and considering my medicine induced haze paired with days of pretty much straight sleep I doubt I will remember writing it once my brain is less foggy. I guess I am just writing to say howdy and I am sick but alive. Now if y’all will kindly excuse me, it is time for more sleep. Hopefully I start feeling better soon.


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