Melting Pot



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Dad’s car officially died last week. Luckily, this happened after his money came through. We barely made it to the dealership. The first route we planned to travel we couldn’t, as the car didn’t have the power to make  it up one (not particularly steep) hill. We turned around and chose a flatter route, and the car sputtered along the whole way, taking a couple hundred yards to come up to even a slow speed after stopping at the red lights. It would not have gotten us back home that day. The previously mentioned 2012 Ford Focus I fell in love with a couple of weeks ago when we browsed the available cars was still available. As I type it is parked in our driveway. =) We have had it less than a week and I have already vacuumed it out (very thoroughly) twice, and had the weather cooperated over the weekend I’d have washed it too. I might be a teensy bit fond of it. 😉




I love driving it. I love the side-view mirrors, though my dad is not so fond of them. I love the sound system, and that I finally figured out how to get it to play my music from my flash drive so I don’t have to deal with radio stations playing stuff I don’t want to hear nor do I have to lug around cd’s. Now I just need a flash drive with more space on it, as the one I currently have is a bit limited on space therefore it doesn’t have a huge variety of tunes. (Not that I’m going to complain about a pretty much all Rascal Flatts listening experience on a trip, though sometimes I do prefer other stuff, believe it or not. Haha) This is just straight up the nicest car we’ve ever had. My dad tends to choose older, thus cheaper, used cars from less reputable dealers when he needs a new vehicle. Which I get – he isn’t made of money. But I have always wished he’d spring for something just a little newer, a little more reliable. I think perhaps because I never really drove any of the previous vehicles, he didn’t really care too terribly much about the quality of the cars he got. Knowing full well that this time I would be driving this car a lot might have influenced his decision in where to go and how much he was willing to spend. Legally speaking the car is currently his – but at the end of the day, this is MY car and I love it! When I am able, I will be buying it from him to make it legally mine. That’s a way off though. He does still want to get another vehicle for himself as well – the dealership where we got the Focus didn’t have anything he was interested in at the time. And I don’t think he had the money to get a second vehicle the day we got the Focus anyway.

Dad is doing well. He still has to take frequent naps during the day and can’t be up and about too long, but he is able to be up for longer periods of time now. He goes back to the doctor for another follow-up appointment in a couple of days. He isn’t scheduled to go back to work until October, and that is subject to change depending on how his healing goes. Knock on wood as of right now it looks like he is healing up well.

I have had a less than great weekend, despite the new-car happies that exist. Which means I’ve been emotional eating, which translates to way too much junk food and hardly any “real” food. And my stomach is now punishing me for it. I’ll try to make up for it by being extra good this week. We went to the farm on Friday and got a bunch of fresh fruits and veggies so having those around will hopefully help me make up for the naughty food weekend with a healthy food week. Funny how when you’re younger you can eat whatever you want and not regret it later but once you start getting older your body insists you eat better. And boy you know you really ARE getting old when you make a comment like that. oi. And on that note good grief, 30 is almost over already…. what the hell? Foul! I want my time back! Why is there no “rewind” button for life?


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