Melting Pot


We all love my random babbling posts right?

Dad’s car is dying a slow and steady death. The cost for full repairs to get it running more reliably again is estimated at $3000+. So we are shopping around for a new (used) vehicle. Ideally we would like to get two but the budget is quite limited so we may only be able to get one. I fell in love with a 2012 Ford Focus at one of the dealerships and we just may get that one provided it is still available once we have the money. (My poor dad is never going to be able to retire….) The only thing that gives me pause about it is the fact that it is not four wheel drive. Around here four wheel drive is a good thing to have in winter. If I could find a decent Jeep Compass I would opt for that as those are (usually) four wheel drive. So far nobody has a Compass in our price range though. We just have it wait it out a little while longer and see what can be worked out. In the mean time we are traveling as little as possible. When we do travel, it is with lots of prayer and at times the trip feels akin to certain rides at Kennywood. Fun. (Yes that was sarcasm.)

Our yard is turning into a jungle. Dad can’t mow for a while so it is my chore for now. I finally decided to tackle it yesterday but the mower gave me trouble then once I finally got it started it stalled within a minute. Which was a good thing because upon closer inspection my dad found the pins that hold the blade on had worn down and come off. That could have been very bad. So. For now we have to live with the jungle. One of the neighbors is pissed I am sure. He has made comments on more than one occasion about us letting the grass get too high. As if it is his business. (There is no HOA here. Thank goodness. The neighbor in question seems to think he is it though.) I talked to our police chief recently (a very nice guy who happens to live right down the road) and the subject of lawn care came up and I mentioned the issues with the neighbor. His (expected) response was laughter and affirmation that letting the lawn go is not illegal so do what we want/need to do and ignore the neighbor if he tries to start something. (Neighbor is known for being a trouble maker.) If Mr. Police Chief says it is cool, I am not going to stress over it.

Leaves are changing here already, something that I noticed starting a couple weeks ago. Birds are already gathering in preperation for their flights south for the winter. All the geese are already gone. Safe to say fall is coming early this year?

I have a very pretty geranium I would love to save for next year but am not sure how. Apparently in warmer climates they are perenniels but here they are considered annuals as they don’t survive our winter temperatures. I don’t know if this is true, it is just what I read on several sites in a quick google on them. I know my grandma used to save them from year to year somehow but I don’t know what she did. Anyone have any advice on this front?

I suppose that is more than enough of my nonsense for one post. Hope y’all are doing well. xoxoxo


One thought on “Randoms

  1. Finding a car that will fit your needs and remain within your price range is definitely a challenge. I sometimes wonder if that’s because people know how good those vehicles you mentioned really are, and how they last forever… so no one wants to sell them. It seems like a vicious circle. I sure hope things come together for you on that front, too.

    As to the nasty neighbor, I have to agree: it’s none of his business. You have the understanding of the police chief, and no one else seems to be complaining, so don’t worry about it. If anything, maybe the next time the neighbor gets on your butt about it, tell him that if he doesn’t like it, he’s welcome to come over and mow it for you, since your lawn mower is out of commission and you can’t do anything about that right now. 😀

    Sending you lots of love, hugs, and good energies, sweetness. I know it’s been too long since we’ve connected, but you are always in my thoughts for happiness and well-being. ♥ ♥ ♥

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