Melting Pot


Cause randoms are what I do best,  especially when I am stressed and therefore have the attention span of a goldfish.  

(I accidentally hit publish way before I was ready to on this post.  The nook is acting funny and the keyboard closes and leads to me hitting buttons I didn’t mean to.  Grrr.)

My dad has made sure I am well stocked on the things I will need while he is in the hospital and during his recovery while he is unable to travel or be active for longer periods of time,  since during this time I will not have any (legal) way to get to the store. I have plenty of soap thanks to my trip to my mom’s last month,  and my dad has made sure that I have enough of all the everyday essentals.  The cupboards, fridge,  and freezer are all well stocked at this point.

He even let me get some coffee and creamer.  Coffee is slowly growing on me.  And by that I mean I will drink flavored coffee that has been tainted with so much flavored creamer (and perhaps a teaspoon of sugar,  it sometimes needs it despite flavored creamers being mostly sugar) that it no longer even remotely tastes like coffee. Lol I got some caramel coffee today and caramel creme flavored creamer. And then I spotted samoas flavored creamer.  He said get both. I probably shouldn’t have but I did.  And for the record the samoas creamer is not nearly as good as you might expect it to be.  It isn’t bad – I do like it.  It just isn’t as good as anticipated and I am not likely to get it again,  that’s all.  

So,  I am pretty much prepared for his hospital/recovery time in terms of these things.  Mentally and emotionally,  however…  

I have decided to go to my oldest nephew’s birthday party next weekend,  as well.  I wasn’t going to,  and technically I wasn’t even invited.  But I am going and that is that.  If my snotty SIL doesn’t like it,  too bad.  My attending one party won’t change a thing.  My nephews will still be strangers to me.  I still won’t see them on a somewhat regular basis.  I still won’t get along with or really be on speaking terms with their parental units.  But I don’t care.  For reasons I don’t understand,  I feel the need to be at this party. I miss my nephews.  I want to see them.

The pup is demanding attention so I best get going.  Gonna be a difficult week ahead.  Sigh. 


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