Melting Pot

June Photo A Day

I successfully completed the June Photo A Day Challenge from The Idea Room.  Normally I would have posted my participating photos to the photography blog and Facebook.  But a while back I decided to make my instagram account public (meep) and with my internet access as it is,  I limited the postings to instagram.  It helped,  also,  that my current phone actually has a decent camera.  Not great,  but infinitly better than the one on the old phone.  This one actually has auto focus,  and allows for a small bit of control of the focus by allowing touch screen focal points.  That is to say if the auto focus has chosen the upper left as the focal point while the actual spot I would like to focus on is the lower right,  I just have to touch the lower right point on the screen and it will re-focus in that spot.  It still isnt precise but again is a vast improvment over the old phone which didnt have auto focus.  You had to manually move the phone closer/further from what you wanted to take a picture of.  Good luck with that.

I was pretty pleased with some of my creations for the challenge,  so I thought I would make one of my rare posts here a little roundup of the photos from the challenge.  As with the previous challenges,  some of my intrepretations were more literal while others I chose to be a little more creative.  A couple of the prompts led most participants to post old pictures from years ago.  I personally think the whole point of a photo a day challenge is to create a new photo each day for the duration. Barring some legitimate reason preventing you from doing that (health,  a family emergency etc),  posting old photos (especially ones not even taken by you) is cheating if you ask me.  Not saying it is wrong,  afterall each person is also totally free to intrepret the prompts as they see fit and if that means a decades old school picture or something then so be it.  It just is not how I personally like to participate.

Here are my June photos,  in no particular order. You will have to visit my instagram to see any captions/comments that exist either from myself or others.


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