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Absence & People Suck

Apologies for my extended absence.  FYI it is going to continue,  with a few posts here and there on occasion.  I do have a book review I need to write up soon,  as I am anxious to select my next book and I can’t do that till I review the current one.  Other than that I have no real plans to write any time soon.

I have an awful lot on my plate right now eating up my thoughts and emotions.  That coupled with the limited and unsteady at best internet connection leads to a very neglected blog.  Be warned this post is a long one,  and may well offend you.

I suppose it is only fair to provide an update on the previously mentioned fix-up courtesy of my mom.  Cause y’all are just oozing suspense waiting to know how that went right?  It was OK.  He is nice enough and we had fun and laughed quite a bit.  But,  at least on my side of things,  there is no romantic interest. We have talked briefly a couple times since our “date”. I won’t mind keeping in touch with him and hanging out again in the future.  Maybe with time romantic feelings will develop but for now he is an acquaintance with potential to become a good friend.

Now as to the “people suck” part of this post.  Something happened to me a couple days ago that I intended to write about but the more I thought about the specificity of what I was going to write,  the more general I was reminded it is.  People are,  in general,  a lot of rude,  ignorant,  pompous jackasses and I very much wish I never had to deal with them.  Not that this is a new revelation for me.  Hell I have known it since I was five years old.  This is just the latest venting session.

I had to stop at the eye doctor to let him know my trial contacts were working well for me so that he could finalize the prescription and I could order a couple boxes of the lenses.  I could have done this over the phone but since I was going to be there to grocery shop anyway I figured I would save my minutes and just take care of it in person.

When I walked up to the counter there was one person ahead of me, finalizing her transaction at the register.  I stepped up,  leaving a respectful couple of feet of personal space between us.  While waiting for my turn,  an older woman (late 70’s to early 80’s) came out from the exam room,  prescription in hand,  and strode into line right in front of me after giving me a dirty look like I had cut in front of her or something.  I didn’t say anything,  though I probably should have. I considered it but decided it wasn’t worth it and I really wasn’t in the mood for an argument.  The truth is,  had she politely asked me if she could slip in ahead of me I gladly would have said yes.  I was taught to respect my elders (and others in general) and would not have minded swapping places in line with her.  But the fact that she simply butted in so rudely as if I was somehow doing her a great injustice by taking my rightful place in line pissed me off.

It sparked a ranty blog post in me about how so many senior citizens seem to have entitlement issues just because they’re old.  I have had many,  many a senior citizen look down on me because I am younger than them and numerous instances of rude behavior and downright abuse from them because they feel like I and society owe them something JUST because of their age.  Yes,  I was taught to respect my elders,  especially veterans.  But the fact is respect must be earned,  and is not awarded based on age alone. I don’t care who you are,  how old you are,  how much money you have etc.  If you are an arrogant, self-centered prick,  then I am NOT going to respect you.  Depending on my mood I might not engage in debating your attitude with you,  but just because I choose to stay quiet in the face of your atrocious behavior does not mean I am offering up any sort of respect.  It just means I have more important things on my mind than you.

The thing is,  as I thought about it I thought of the times I have faced the same kind of attitude from people of all ages,  from the wannabe adults tweens who don’t have a clue up to the senior citizens like the lady at the eye doctor the other day.  So it really is not fair for me to post a rant aimed at the seniors when in truth it is a rant directed at society as a whole. It is directed at the parents who let their kids run around the stores bumping into people and knocking things off shelves without so much as a glance in their direction. In contrast,  to the parents who smack and yell and verbally abuse their children for simply being children and getting bored and being fussy while in the grocery store or accidentally knocking something over.  It is a rant directed at every person,  regardless of their age,  who feels it is OK to smack into someone else with their cart or to shove past/around someone rather than wait a couple seconds for them to move out of the way. It is directed at every asshole who gets in the express lane with twice as many items as they are allowed to have for that lane.  It is a rant directed at everyone who thinks it is OK to make rude comments to or about someone else based on their appearances.

Speaking of appearances,  someone posted something to facebook recently that boiled my blood a bit as well.  They posted a picture of an “advice” tidbit from an old sewing manual from the 50’s.  The person who posted,  along with EVERY person who commented on it,  added their own note about how glad they were that “times have changed” because this was horrible,  awful,  sexist “advice” no woman should ever have had to hear.  The said advice was to always take care of necessary household chores before sewing,  so that you could feel free to enjoy your sewing without housework nagging at your mind.  It also suggested to always be dressed nicely when sewing, in a nice dress with your hair styled and makeup on,  so that should your husband come home or company drop by unexpectedly you would be presentable.

First of all,  all the complaints against this need to remember that, just as they said themselves,  times have changed.  Such thinking was the norm back then,  so such advice in a sewing manual was not seen as being horrible.  But let’s move past that and get to what really bothered me about the comments on this: what exactly is so awful about suggesting a woman (or person) dressing nicely to greet house guests and her husband?  Maybe I am old fashioned or naive but I think that making yourself presentable for company and for your husband (or partner) is a nice thing. Yeah sweats are comfy but there is something to be said for having a desire to be dressed nicely to greet the person you love when they return home from work, or your friends and family when they visit you.  I crave the time when people cared enough about their appearance to not go out in public in their pajamas or ratty torn up clothes. I have seen grown adults in nothing but footie pajamas in the store shopping.  I mean come on – have at least some self respect and put some clean jeans and a t shirt on for crying out loud!  I for one think it would be awesome if people started dressing nicely again – men in trousers and button down shirts and women in skirts and dresses – for every day errands not just special events.  It isn’t like you have to go all out and totally glam up.  Just make some effort to look nice.  Argue with me on this all you want – I am sick of seeing pajama-clad persons over the age of two in the stores.

Yeah,  times have changed.  In some ways that is good.  But in a lot of ways,  our “advancements” have put us in a less than desirable place as a society.  Technology that is supposed to make our lives easier make us lazy and stupid. For all our “communication” devices and methods,  we truly connect and communicate with each other very little.  We spend so much time glued to our electronics,  we miss out on all the great things that exist outside the realm of electricity and outside the walls of our homes.  Everyone wants to turn tiny little mole hills into giant mountains,  while ignoring more important,  bigger issues.  Segregation might have theoretically ended but it and racism are alive and well,  and ALL races are guilty of it though somehow anti-white racism is treated as acceptable while other things that truly are NOT at all about race (voter ID for example) get people’s  panties in a bunch and they cry racism.  (Don’t even try to deny it – I am merely speaking the truth and you know it.) Slavery isn’t dead either,  and if you think it is I feel sorry for you.  We are all slaves to our government,  some more than others. It isn’t slavery in the way we tend to think of it upon hearing the word but it is slavery nonetheless. (Again,  don’t even try to deny it – you know I’m right. )

As a slightly unrelated side note to the slavery issue,  do some homework.  The US civil war was NOT about ending slavery.  That was a convienent cover issue,  and the only issue to make it to modern history books.  The south should have won. That’s all I have to say about that one.

Like I said,  I have a lot on my plate right now.  That comes with a lot of thoughts in my head.  Granted most of them are not new thoughts.  I’m just tired enough of holding things in and am voicing said thoughts.  Unwise though it may be to do so.

I leave you with this line from a Toby Keith song:

“Ain’t no right way to do the wrong thing. You can justify, but it’s still black and white.  Paint it any shade but it won’t change.  Ain’t no right way to do the wrong thing. “

Until next time…


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