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My Sister, the Knitting Queen

This is the latest design my sister has created, and I have to say I am impressed. It’s just garter stitch, but the shaping of the shawl is incredibly unique. And the yarn she used is her own that she hand dyed.

I have to say her photography skills have vastly improved since she started designing and dying yarn, too. (Thanks to a little help from yours truly. *ahem*)

I have been crocheting for more years than I can remember. My earliest memory of the craft is one I can’t pinpoint in terms of the year or my age; I just remember I was well under the age of 5 as I had not started school yet, and it was shortly after we had moved from the place we lived in when I was born. My mom was teaching both my sister and me some basics. It stuck with me for life. My sister, not so much.

Over the years I made some attempts to teach my sister to crochet but she’s not the fastest learner and I guess I am not the best teacher, because she could never figure it out no matter how I broke things down or how slowly I moved in showing her what to do. Several years ago she decided she was going to learn to knit. That she figured out on her own rather easily. The tables turned and she tried to teach me to knit, and it did not go well. I got fed up and gave up. A couple years passed and my sister started to record video tutorials for knitting and put them on Youtube. I was with her when she was filming one such video, and I decided that what she was doing looked pretty darned cool. (She was using the double knitting technique to make a sample square with a heart in it.) I determined then to make another attempt to learn the craft. The second time, it all somehow clicked and I picked it up right away, mastering the things that had infuriated me in my previous attempt to learn to knit.

I have since also finally managed to teach my sister some basics of crochet. Thus, we now both know both crafts.

Granted I still crochet more than my sister does, and she knits more than I do. She is far more skilled and knowledgeable with knitting, while my expertise lies in crochet. We are opposites in the crafts. My sister can just pick up her needles and yarn and start knitting, and end up with a stunning finished piece. She needs patterns to follow for crochet pieces. I need patterns when I am knitting, but when I am crocheting I can just do my thing.

Looking at this latest masterpiece my sister has created, I am amazed at how far she has come with her knitting. I have a pair of socks and a shawl she made for me when she first got started and while those were nice pieces, she has definitely come a long way. I’m proud of her.


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