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Gorgeous Crochet Pattern

Recently my sister sent me this link to a gorgeous crochet shawl pattern that I have to share.

Ravelry pattern page: click here

The blog where the pattern is located is in German, and Google Translate’s help with translating things is typically mediocre at best. The pattern is charted rather than providing written instructions, though, so that helps to eliminate potential trouble as a result of a language barrier.

Provided you understand charts, that is. My sister hardly understands crochet at all, so she has no clue when it comes to crochet charts. She loves this pattern though and wanted my help to figure it out, in the (highly unlikely) event that she should make use of it at some point.

I have trouble with charts sometimes, but usually I can figure them out. This one gave me some trouble though. My first attempt to test out the pattern resulted in a pretty fabric, but completely wrong. Based on the pictures I knew there had to be picots in there somewhere, but I did not see the symbol I am familiar with for picots. There was also something off on one row of shells; the symbol used was one I know as meaning “back post double crochet”. There are curved lines on the chart, which is something I’m not at all familiar with.

I took a shot and contacted the designer on Ravelry, but wasn’t sure I’d get a reply as I didn’t think she was still active on the site. Turns out she is. It took a little independent deciphering for us to understand each other’s messages with the language barrier (again, Google Translate = not exactly all that helpful) but despite this, she managed to help me figure it out!

The symbol I know as “back post double crochet” is used in this pattern to represent “front post double crochet”, and the picots are meant to be worked between those stitches. As for the curved lines, I had just made a guess at that bit when I made my first swatch and my guess turned out to be close – it’s a series of chains and either slip stitches or single crochet stitches. I’m still not sure which stitch it is, but they’re close enough in height that I think either one would work really. On my second swatch I did slip stitches, and I think it turned out beautifully.

Here are my swatches:

First, this is the piece that I did incorrectly before I had sorted out my troubles with the chart. I do like how it turned out anyway, though, and intend to keep the instructions for how I worked this one up on hand for future reference. It’s wrong, but still pretty!


And here is the second one, which was done after getting help from the designer. I can’t say for sure that this was done 100% correctly but if there was a small bit I did wrong, it’s not noticeable, in my opinion.


My picture really does not do this pattern justice – I think because it’s just a swatch. I think once you have a full-size shawl from it (or at least a significantly larger swatch/project in progress), the full effect is much more “wow”. Hence if you did not click the link to the pattern page that I posted above, I really think you ought to do that now because there are pictures of the finished piece there and that, paired up with the colors she used, really showcases the pattern far better than my little swatch does.


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