Melting Pot

*Insert Appropriate Title Here*

Winter does not seem to want to let go. It had been so nice and warm recently. Today, it’s cold again. That’s ok, I suppose. I’m armed with cozy lounge pants, one of J’s sweatshirts, thick socks, and plenty of tea and cappuccino. Hopefully the cooler temperatures will pass quickly and I can go back to being comfortable, temperature-wise.

As I sometimes do, I’ve been poking through old pictures I have taken. I always smile when I see this one. It is a portrait of one of my (many many many many) adorable little cousins. I have another from the same set that has her facing the camera but for privacy reasons I never share that one publicly. The two are among my favorite photos I’ve ever taken, and also among my favorite portraits. I don’t really like taking portraits much – it tends to feel too structured for me. I did edit this one to convert it to black & white. I can never decide which version of this one I like best, the original full color or black & white. For the moment I am leaning more toward the black & white version. Hence that being the one I am sharing.

B&W Portrait 276
I have not done much with photography for quite a while. My heart has not been in it like it used to be, though I am starting to miss it. My DSLR was giving my fits the last several times I tried to use it anyway. I should charge the battery and see if it will cooperate with me. I have the feeling it won’t, though. Which means I’ll have to stick to the point & shoot. Not necessarily a bad thing – my point & shoot is mighty nice. There are things it can’t do that my DSLR could do of course, and that may pose a problem.

I fear the DSLR has run its course. It shouldn’t have – it’s not an old camera, really. A bit outdated at this point yes, but not old enough that it should no longer work. I’ll probably have to find a repair shop to get an estimate on repairs and go from there. Nine times out of ten repairing a camera costs more than replacing it, though. It might end up being added to my little collection of cameras that are purely decorative, and a new DSLR will be added to my wish list. That will be a hard task. Every time I browse Canon’s current offerings I tend to want them all – narrowing it down to just one is never easy. I like cameras, what can I say?


4 thoughts on “*Insert Appropriate Title Here*

  1. One of things I love about you, sweetness, is that you seem to “get” where I’m coming from, even when I myself am having trouble expressing what I’m thinking. Your comment said perfectly what I was trying to get across, and I can’t tell you how very much that means to me.

    I do understand the privacy thing, and I think maybe you’re right that we as humans seem to need the perspectives of others to help us better understand our own, and maybe even to change our own. And what you suggested about private journals not really giving us a true sense of release…. You took that thought right out of my head; that’s exactly what I was struggling to grasp while I was writing out what I had to say. Which supports your thoughts about it even more. Thank you!

    As for your photography, I love the black and white shot of your little cousin. Somehow, it just seems like the right way to show so much beauty, innocence, and purity. The message is able to stand out more brightly, IMO…

    Sending you tons of love, hugs, and good energies, sweet Leah… Always…
    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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