Melting Pot

Of Course

I managed to stay awake tonight hoping to get to see the lunar eclipse. I might have had a cup (or two… ahem…) of cappuccino to help me out with that a little.

The forecast said it would be cloudy all night so I didn’t have high hopes. Despite the forecast, though, as I kept an eye on the sky, it remained clear for much of the night.

Until shortly before the eclipse was to begin.

100% cloud coverage. Which remains at this very moment, thus effectively blocking my view.

I always miss the lunar eclipses when they happen, darn it! Either they are not visible from this part of the world, or they’re at some ridiculous hour of the day when I am asleep, or… it’s cloudy!

There is another one in October. I shall try again then. And if I miss that one, there will be two next year as well, in April and September. Four full lunar eclipses in such a short span of time is rare, from what I understand. I’m hoping that 4 in 2 years might increase my chances of actually getting to see one of them! All four are supposed to be visible in my little corner of the world from what I have read, so I guess we will find out when the time comes.

For now, I’m wide awake when I should be sleeping (or watching the eclipse, darn you clouds!) and I’m considering myself grateful that at least my sleep schedule being totally messed up now is not a problem of any significance.


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