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I mentioned completing a crochet project recently but I had not taken a picture of it at the time. Now I do have a picture. It’s nothing functional, just something pretty.

 I had started this following a pattern for a doily shawl, but using a smaller hook and finer yarn than called for so that it would be smaller. After working about 15 rows of the 30-something row pattern, however, I knew it was going to end up being much bigger than I wanted it to be. So I ripped way back close to the beginning, and just made it up myself from there. I had to undo a couple rows a few times to rework them so it would look right and lay flat, but that was expected.

I kept the basic idea of the pattern the same, I just worked it up in my own way so that it was the size I wanted when it was finished. I did not bother to write down what I did, however if you would like to look at the pattern I had started using and based this piece on, click here. The step by step pictures originally linked to from the pattern do not seem to be available anymore, so there is no picture with the pattern. As such, I have no idea how similar mine is to what the pattern creates.


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