In The Kitchen

Flavor Combinations

I have been trying to perfect a certain recipe for far longer than I care to think about, and have yet to succeed. Yes, I am being vague. I’d just like to keep it a secret until I do get it all figured out.

The combination of flavors I really want to use in the recipe is not working out for me; not because they don’t go together (they do) but because I have been having trouble utilizing the second flavor. It’s not a simple “add x amount of so-and-so extract/oil” deal. I have to figure out how best to infuse the flavor I want into the ingredients, and it’s not been as simple and straight-forward as I had imagined it might be. I could buy an oil/extract for the flavor I want, however the cheapest I have found it is $38 for 1 oz. I’m also not sure how much I’d use it other than for this recipe so I’d hate to buy a bottle, only use a few drops (it’s a very strong flavor, I’d not need much at all for my purposes) and then have the bottle sitting around collecting dust. So my best bet is infusing the flavors otherwise. I realize this probably makes no sense but again, I just really want this one to be a secret till I’ve got it figured out. I’m dorky that way.

I’ve begun contemplating other possible flavors I could use to finish the recipe so I can share it, and continue to work on the part that I’ve not figured out yet to share at a later time. I’m really happy with the part of the recipe that is finished, and want to at least be able to share that much of it. It needs the second portion, however, to be a good, complete recipe.

I wasn’t sure, however, what other flavors might go well with the flavor that I used for the first part of the recipe. I started searching the internet and came across this thread in a forum in which the members have compiled a wonderful and lengthy list of flavor combinations. I thought I would share, in case anyone needs some inspiration for flavors to pair up in their cooking and baking adventures. Click here to check it out.

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