Melting Pot


That is my word for the night. I intend to escape, tonight, with a good book and some booze.


A couple totally unrelated things:

1. WordPress changed how pictures are inserted into posts and it threw me. I’m not sure if I like it yet or not. I’m tempted to say I like it but at the same time… I don’t like change. It is better now though, I have to admit. Now, if they’d just fix it so that the formatting of my posts would hold when I click “publish”… I like to have my posts centered, and without fail even though it’s all fine and dandy when I’m typing up the post, once I click publish some/all of the text winds up moving to the left and I have to go back in to edit it and center it all again. Irritates the shit out of me.

2. I’ve spent a large chunk of my weekend writing up a special post for the beauty blog which is now finished and scheduled to post tomorrow morning. The folks at HSN reached out to me recently & asked me to write a post about a certain topic. HSN. Yes, as in the HSN. Needless to say that made me a little bit giddy. The post is scheduled for approximately 8:50 AM (Eastern) tomorrow. The link to my beauty blog is in the sidebar to the right, if you want to check it out.


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