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I Hate Facebook

One could sit and list hundreds of reasons they hate any social networking site, I am sure. I already don’t care for Facebook anyway, but especially today, I really hate it.


Because I found out on Facebook, from a post my sister made on her public (not personal) page, that my dad has been diagnosed with cancer.

I hate to complain about this because I realize that it makes me seem selfish, and yes to some degree I guess I am making the situation about me and no I guess I probably shouldn’t do that. I knew it was coming. I just had that feeling. But still… to find out that way was not right or fair and it makes me angry that that’s how I had to find out. It doesn’t matter if I felt it coming. That’s not how I should have been told.

So, just for the record – if there is some important bit of information like this that you feel compelled to share on Facebook… DON’T. Someone else involved may not have been otherwise informed yet. And when they haven’t been informed otherwise, and they find out this way…. it makes it hurt that much more. News like that should not be found out on Facebook.


One thought on “I Hate Facebook

  1. I agree that your sister should have contacted you directly, sweetness – and I’m so sorry to hear this news about your dad. I don’t think that one is ever truly prepared to hear something like this, even when they know it’s coming, and I’m sending you lots of love and good energies to help you cope. Are you going to go home to be with him, now? How is that going to work for you?

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