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I Don’t Do Pranks

Tomorrow is April Fool’s Day. One of several holidays I could do without, but probably the one I most wish would drop dead and disappear forever. (I’m torn between this one and Valentine’s Day for which I despise most.)

A page I follow on Facebook posted asking everyone to share the best pranks they’ve pulled for April Fool’s Day. Naturally a few comments were left stating that they do not like the holiday. One person left this comment in response to those people:

Oh my goodness! Really people? April Fool’s Day is about harmless jokes and pranks. I am sorry if you have had some hurtful jokes or pranks played on you but if you can’t have fun, what can you have?

And, I had to respond to her comment myself, with the following:

They key word here is “harmless” – some people go way overboard and do things that hurt people or have very real potential to hurt people whether physically or emotionally/mentally – there is nothing fun or harmless in those cases. Some people just don’t know when to stop. April Fool’s Day is one holiday I could personally do without. And just because someone does not care for pranks does not mean they don’t have a sense of humor or don’t know how to have fun – they just prefer a different kind of fun, that’s all.

Yeah, some things are truly harmless. Salt in the sugar bowl, tape over the kitchen sink hand sprayer (totally off topic: is there a proper term for those things?) or things of that nature. I still do not like them and do not participate in playing such jokes/pranks on people. Even when I was a kid I wasn’t into it. Maybe because as the youngest of the children in my family I was CONSTANTLY being teased and picked on and having jokes played on me all the time. Every day of my life was like April Fool’s Day and the holiday was just a great excuse for my siblings to get away with their jokes unpunished, and for other people to join in.

I think April Fool’s Day antics are best left to young children who will stick to truly innocent jokes that while maybe a bit irritating or messy will cause no real harm. But when older kids and adults start getting into it, many of them cross the line. Doing things that cause damage to someone’s property is not funny or harmless. Doing things that are going to cause someone genuine fear or distress is not funny or harmless.

I am not going to stifle someone else’s fun if they’re into pranks. I just don’t want to be part of it in any capacity. I don’t want to play a role in playing a prank on someone, and I don’t want to be the subject of a prank. If you’re going to participate in such things, it’s best if you only include others who are also interested. And, respect the wishes of those who don’t want to be involved and leave them out of it.


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