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Favorite YouTubers

I thought that I would share some of my favorite Youtubers, today. These are (mostly) folks I have been subscribed to long-term. By “long-term” I mean more years than I can even honestly remember. A couple are newer subscriptions for me (under a year) but they strike me as channels I will not be unsubscribing from any time soon, as I very, very much enjoy their uploads. I’m also going to share one of my favorite videos from each of them in this post, just for fun.

In no particular order:

Jordan Liberty – I adore Jordan. He’s a professional MUA (makeup artist) and he is super sweet and funny; what’s not to love? I have a mega crush on him, and he recently told me he has a crush on me too. (insert ridiculous, teen-girly squealing here) We’ve had a few instagram/twitter conversations and I’d like to think that perhaps our on-line acquaintance can become a full-fledged friendship. Time will tell.

Kayley Melissa – Kayley’s channel is primarily hair style tutorials, with a few random makeup tutorials thrown in on occasion. I watch a lot of videos about “easy” hair styles and very rarely have success when I try to do them myself. I’ve successfully done several of the styles Kayley shows on her channel, though.

Lillith Moon – Lillith is another of my favorites for hair style videos. The styles she shows tend to be more intricate, while Kayley’s above are (generally) more “everyday”, and I have yet to successfully do any of the styles Lillith shows. But I still love her videos. She’s got some really unique styles shown on her channel. She also occasionally throws in a makeup or nail polish tutorial, as well. And, I love her accent. =)

Elise/My Cupcake Addiction – Elise has lots of cute cupcake and cakpop tutorials, as well as some recipes. She makes everything really simple to understand. And it must be said, I love her accent, too. :p

Bunny/Grav3yardgirl – Bunny is sweet, hilarious, goofy, beautiful, silly… she will talk about anything and everything. The content of her videos varies greatly. She does “tea vlogs” where she just talks randomly about whatever is on her mind at the time, outfit of the day fashion videos, makeup tutorials, “follow me around” videos where she films her adventures in various public places (always so funny!) just to name a few. One of my favorites is her “Does this Thing Really Work?” series where she tests out “as seen on TV” products, and other sometimes not seen on TV gadgets to see how well they actually perform. Picking just one favorite from her to share in this post is hard, because there are so many of her videos that I really enjoy.


One thought on “Favorite YouTubers

  1. Well, I’m not really into hair and makeup, but the last video about things working…. That was actually pretty amusing. 😀 Definitely a much-needed perspective from real people instead of actors. Thanks for sharing, sweetness! 🙂

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