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Why I’d Pick Joey

Still stuck as to what to write about, I figured I’d address one of my answers to one of the questions from my last post. I didn’t explain my choice in that post, I just stated my choice and left it at that. I guess that’s a little unfair and could lead to one very probing question: “Why?”

In a fantasy world, forget about spouses and loves, if you could fall in love with a movie or tv character, name 5 you would choose. Not the actors but the characters.
Joey Tribbiani (Friends)
I actually can’t think of any more right now. I guess my heart is set on Joey. :p

I know, it might seem like an odd choice initially. But there are good reasons why if I could, I’d be with Joey Tribbiani. Here are just a few examples of some of the qualities Joey possesses that would make him an ideal partner (in my opinion):

Joey goes for, and ultimately achieves, his dream of an acting career. Sure, he struggles for a while – but eventually… he gets it. He’s not a quitter. Even when things get hard, he doesn’t walk away or give up. This means that in a relationship, he’d tough it out through the hard times, knowing that it will get better. He wouldn’t walk away just because you were going through a rough patch. He doesn’t take the easy way out. Also, he knows how important dreams are, and he’d support you in following your own dreams.

He is very protective of the people he loves. Early in the series, Chandler (drunkenly) fools around with one of Joey’s sisters, but he can’t remember which sister it was and he ends up kissing another of Joey’s sisters. Joey insists that Chandler make it right and apologize. In the same episode, they discover a guy Phoebe has been seeing is cheating on her. Joey immediately jumps to confront him. Later on in the series, one of the younger sisters ends up pregnant. Joey goes and gets the baby’s father, and they talk things out. Joey doesn’t agree with his sister’s decision but he still supports her and is there for her. Another point for his being supportive –  even if he doesn’t necessarily agree with you. He would not hesitate to defend and protect you. All good things.

Joey always tries to do what is right. Granted he doesn’t always go about it in the most sensible manner – but his heart is in the right place. When he thinks Phoebe is pregnant, he proposes, so that she and the baby will have someone there that loves them to take care of them. When he discovers that it’s Rachel who is pregnant, not Phoebe, he makes the same proposal/offer to her.

When Joey loves a girl – he loves her completely. Late in the series, Joey falls in love with Rachel. Things don’t work out, of course, but the time they had together, he was 100% committed to her. Even when they realize things are not going to work out for them romantically, they’re able to stay friends, because he loves her enough that he doesn’t want to not have her in his life. Even if he can’t be with her romantically, he wants to be with her as a friend. He genuinely cares for her and her happiness. He’s willing to sacrifice his own happiness for hers – nothing says true love more than that.

He has a sensitive side. He agrees to read Little Women and he ends up so caught up in the story and attached to the characters, that he feels genuine emotion over their life events. Scoff if you must, I’m a total bookworm and have on more than one occasion been undeniably attached to characters in select novels to the point that I have laughed and cried with them, felt all their emotions with them, and physically missed them when the story ended. Joey being a similarly sentimental bookworm is a huge plus in my eyes.

Sure, Joey has some dense moments – but we all do. He can be a little goofy, but a sense of humor only adds to a relationship. When you stop and consider all the little things and add them up throughout the series, Joey is actually a pretty well-rounded, reliable guy with a lot going for him. I would definitely consider him a keeper.


1 thought on “Why I’d Pick Joey”

  1. You know, I never thought of Joey that way before reading your post. I mean, I always thought he would make a good husband and father, but I didn’t really give him much in the way of depth, as you have. Thank you for that! It’s proof in the pudding that judging a book by its cover isn’t generally a good idea. Thank you, sweetness, for reminding me of that. ::hug::

    I hope you have an awesome weekend, hon. Our weather is finally starting to warm up, and I hope yours is, too. It won’t be long now before spring finally arrives! 🙂 Love you! 🙂
    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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