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I’ve been more than a little stuck for new posts here for a while. It’s not that things haven’t been happening, it’s just that I haven’t felt any of it is worthy of a blog post. But I know I ought to post at least somewhat regularly. Since I can’t come up with anything at the moment, I’m just going to answer some of the questions/prompts posed on this post from kludgy mom, and perhaps a couple other random questions people ask from time to time. Granted these are supposed to be things you use to create single, worth-while posts. But I’m going to tackle several in one post.

What do your family and friends think of your blogging?
Heck if I know. They know I blog, but nobody ever really says anything about it. I think blogging is so commonplace that it’s not something that many people give much thought when they know you are a blogger. Most of my friends and family also blog, there are few who don’t.

Do you feel there are blogger cliques? And if so, where do you fit in?
Absolutely there are cliques in the blogosphere. Afterall, there are cliques in the “real world” and blogging is a mere extension of said world – it is only logical that the cliques will also extend into the blogging world. And just like in the “real world”, I don’t fit in. And I’m cool with that. I’d rather be my happy, freakish, outsider self than be miserable pretending to be something I’m not just to fit in with people I probably don’t even really like who surely do not like me either.

Write about your first kiss.
My (very first) boyfriend had been in my town helping his dad with some work and he took a break to come spend some time with me. We were 14 at the time so this included my mom giving him a ride back to the house he and his dad were working at, as it was after dark and she wouldn’t allow him to walk back. We both got out of the car to say good-bye and I gave him a hug. I leaned back just a bit to look at him and the next thing I knew he kissed me; soft, sweet, innocent, smack on the lips. Adorable boy I was absolutely crazy about, under the stars, warm spring night… best first kiss ever. =)

I found out there was no Santa (or Tooth Fairy)…
This doesn’t quite apply to me. There was never a “the truth is revealed” moment, because I was raised with the truth. Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy etc. – all that was just for fun, and we knew it. My parents were awesome for that, in my opinion. I know of a handful of kids today who are plenty old enough to handle the truth about these make-believe characters but their parents have not yet told them, and it’s rather sad. Don’t get me wrong – imagination is important and I know we want to nourish that in kids… but, you can’t coddle them with these things. There are plenty of other ways to encourage a healthy imagination without the false pretenses of a Santa Claus and other such characters. I think it’s best they know the truth from the beginning – those things are made up for fun, but don’t take them seriously. None of those characters have anything to do with what their associated holiday/event is about, either. I think it’s more important to teach the true reasons behind the things we celebrate than to focus on fictional characters usually very tied to commercialized interpretations of said holidays/events.

In a fantasy world, forget about spouses and loves, if you could fall in love with a movie or tv character, name 5 you would choose. Not the actors but the characters.
Joey Tribbiani (Friends)
I actually can’t think of any more right now. I guess my heart is set on Joey. :p

My earliest memory of food is…
The Rainbow Brite birthday cake my older sister and I shared many moons ago when we were kids; it was my 4th birthday. I remember wearing a red dress with white lace details, my sister curling my hair, and that cake… the fact that my earliest memory of food is that of a cake might be very telling. LOL

If you could go back and fix/maintain one relationship that you have lost who would it be and why?
Him. Those who know me best know who I mean. As for the why – simply put, he is absolutely, undeniably the love of my life. I would explain further, but I don’t think it’s necessary. (Ok, 100% honesty – it still hurts too damned much to go there so for the sake of my heart I must move on and force myself to think of other things now; I’ve already teared up just with this much.)

Do you make your bed in the morning?
Yes, usually. At the very least I will half-ass it and give the sheets/blankets a shake to straighten them out a bit. I never used to care, and to some degree I still don’t. My way of thinking was always “I’m just going to sleep in it and mess them up again anyway, why bother?”, however I’ve come to appreciate a couple things about making the bed in the morning. First of all, it just makes the entire room look more tidy when the bed is made. (Even if the rest of the room is not quite so tidy!) But more importantly, there’s something very soothing about slipping into bed at night when the bed has been made vs. when the bed has been left a mess. I can’t explain it – it’s just really nice to pull the covers back, slide in, and just breathe for a moment. It’s a totally different experience than climbing into bed and having to wrangle the sheets/blankets from their slept-in twists and tangles if they were left alone in the morning.

What super-power would you most like to have and why?
Shape-shifting. I think to be able to shape-shift would be a wise and very cool choice, because it would include a couple other super-powers as well. Like flight – you could simply shift into a bird and be able to fly. Or invisibility – you wouldn’t technically be able to become invisible but you could shift into something so inconspicuous you may as well be invisible. It seems to me that shape-shifting would be incredibly useful in many scenarios. Then again, being able to freeze time a la Piper (Charmed) would be cool too. But, I’m still going to have to go with shape-shifting.

If you could define yourself in a song, what would that song be?
There are so many that could apply, and I think that the current mood might affect which one(s) are selected at any given time. For the sake of choosing just one in this moment, though, I suppose I will go with I Never Do What I Should by Sarah Darling. (Edited to add: You should really actually listen to the song, and pay attention to the lyrics. The title alone does apply to me, but when you know what the song is about it, the full reasoning for why I chose it becomes more clear.)


1 thought on “Randoms”

  1. I know, right? We moan and complain about the cold, so we get summer. Then, we moan and complain about how hot it is – and on and on we go. We are pathetic, sometimes. LOL As for me and Karis, I can hardly believe it myself. Time has flown by so quickly that it sometimes feels like it was just yesterday that we got back together. We’ve been through a lot in the past couple of years, though; no question about it. But, through it all, we’ve learned and grown, and both our mother-daughter relationship and our friendship has become stronger and better in the process. I am very blessed to have the chance to get to know my daughter. ♥ ♥ ♥

    Now, your post is quite interesting, sweetness. The questions are really quite insightful, asking the person responding to them to really think about specific memories.

    Ah, such sweet (or maybe bittersweet) nostalgias, eh? 🙂 Posed in such a way as to reveal things to readers about the person answering the questions; things we might not give a second thought to otherwise. I may just have to snag them from you and give it a go myself…… 😉

    I’m happy to hear your weather is milder than ours has been, sweet friend. Thankfully, temperatures are slowly rising again, and I’m hoping that means the cold snaps are finally over and done with until next winter. ::crosses fingers:: It also means our Glimmer-girl can get out for the odd walk or two or four or ten, which she really needs.

    I hope your day has been at least half as bright as you are, sweetness. Talk to you soon. 🙂
    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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