Melting Pot


Don’t mind me. I got about 3-3.5 hours of sleep and I’m quite grumpy and in even less of a people-person kind of mood than usual right now. I’m giving you a fair warning… these are petty gripes on my part. I’m fully aware of that. They still irritate me even on a good day.

I am utterly sick of people calling whipped cream “whip cream”. Even food bloggers, who should really know better even if nobody else does, do this. The words “whip cream” are INSTRUCTIONS, not an ingredient. You start with cream. You then *gasp* whip the cream. (Imagine that, right?) And when you’ve finished whipping it, it is now… whipped cream.

“Ice tea” = nothing. Nothing at all. You can’t make tea from ice. It is tea that has been chilled by adding ice, thus making it…. ICED TEA.

As I’ve already mentioned in a previous post with a recipe – hot cocoa and hot chocolate are different drinks. I just happened onto a blog post elsewhere about said drinks, claiming they’re the same thing. No. No they’re not. They are similar, but not the same. Kinda like how Ford and Chevrolet are similar, but they are entirely different entities. You can not say they’re the same thing. They simply aren’t.

And on the topic of similar but different… for the love of God people… grilling and barbecuing are very, very different! I hate when warm weather rolls in and everyone starts talking about how they’re having barbecues and “we’re having bbq for supper tonight” etc. 99% of those claims are from people who are GRILLING, not barbecuing. If you are using a grill, you are grilling your food; not barbecuing it. Why is that so difficult to understand? It seems pretty damned self-explanatory to me.

Duck tape is a brand of duct tape. Unless you are specifically referring to the brand and not the product, never call it duck tape.

I could go on and on with this, considering my current mood. But I think instead I will end it with this:

When you don’t care about something or someone, the proper saying to describe your lack of concern is “I couldn’t care less.” Not “I could care less.” Just think about it for a minute if you don’t understand why. If you still don’t get it… please refrain from speaking to me. And if I’ve just hurt your feelings; frankly my dear, I couldn’t care less.


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