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Perfect Oatmeal Cookies

Normally I’d have pictures to include in this post. However, WordPress is being an obstinate little prick lately and refuses to upload new pictures. (And no, I’m nowhere near the storage limit so that’s got nothing to do with it.)

So instead all I can do is tell you that this recipe results in what is, in my opinion, the perfect oatmeal cookies. I’m not much of a fan of cookies in general, and I am especially not fond of making them myself. But there are times I don’t mind the effort that goes into baking a batch of cookies. Oatmeal cookies are one I nearly exclusively make myself, because other people just don’t make them right. Oatmeal cookies should not be thin, dry, crispy, cracker-like discs. They should NEVER have raisins in them. Chocolate chips are off-limits as well. A tiny pinch of cinnamon is ok sometimes. But I mean tiny. It should be just enough to lend a subtle touch of flavor, not so much that it’s overpowering. For the record, I love cinnamon… just not with my oatmeal cookies!

I tried dozens of recipes trying to find the perfect one, only to decide that such a recipe did not exist and I’d have to come up with something myself. I used my cookie baking knowledge (for someone who doesn’t care much for cookies/baking cookies, I do still know a fair amount about the process) and I took one of the recipes that was somewhat close to what I wanted, and I made the changes necessary to conjure up the perfect oatmeal cookies.

They are thick – but not too thick – moist, and chewy. Absolute perfection in a cookie. Again, just my opinion. But it’s my recipe so I am allowed to say it’s perfect if I want to! They’re just basic ol’ oatmeal cookies. Sure, you can taint them with raisins or chocolate chips or something if you absolutely must, but once you do that, it’s not MY recipe anymore. No. This recipe is for the oatmeal cookie purists who just want a plain old oatmeal cookie without any of those other things that people cannot seem to leave out of oatmeal cookies that simply do not belong in oatmeal cookies.

Even J really liked them, and he does not usually like oatmeal cookies much.

I wish I could insert the pictures for you. Stupid WordPress. But that’s ok, the pictures are with the recipe on MRM. And you can get it here: click me baby!

You’re welcome.

PS – Seriously. You’re welcome. I created this recipe years ago, when I was still a teenager. And I vowed to never share it with anyone. But I decided that it was unkind of me to keep this recipe to myself. It’s just too good not to share it so others can enjoy it too.

I apologize in advance for any expansion of your waistline that might occur as a result of sharing this recipe with you. 


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