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My New Toy

In December, the company I have an ad revenue account with for my beauty blog partnered with (which I love!) for a giveaway in which the winner got to pick a prize of their choice from their keep account worth up to $250.

See where this is going?

Yep. Yours truly won.

And my prize of choice was something that I’d been wanting for quite some time:


I am so in love with this little beauty!


My one wish: Amazon has a feature in which when you purchase audio CD’s (many but not all are eligible, it’d be nice if all were) you also get the digital version as well, for no extra charge. I wish Barnes & Noble (and Amazon, and other sellers as well) would do that for books! I’d love to be able to have both print and digital copies of many of the books I read, particularly my favorites that I love to re-read numerous times. However, it’s stupid to pay full price on both versions; especially when the digital versions are often the same price as the printed book or very close to it. It would be awesome to be able to buy the book and get the digital version as well in one purchase. I just think it would be a wise option to give users. I know having both is not something that appeals to everyone, but I know a lot of folks would very much enjoy having that option available to them. I just love books. Nothing compares to a print book. The feel of the pages as you turn them, the way they smell… the distinct new book smell is surpassed only by that great old book smell of books decades old, with slightly yellowed pages… real books are just the best. E-readers/tablets are convenient, especially when travelling. Convenient though they may be, sometimes you might run out of battery power and for whatever reason not be able to access a power source to charge it/continue reading. Real books don’t have that problem. As long as you’ve got a source of light, you can read them. Hence, the option to buy both versions at once – at a reasonable price – would be wonderful.

I’ve got just a handful of e-books on my Nook for the moment. There are loads of books on my B&N wish list – many of which I intend to buy the print copy, as the Nook editions cost the same as the printed books do. But there are several on my wish list that I won’t mind buying as e-books, and a few of them are only available as e-books.

I’m reading Pride & Prejudice right now, which I have read before. I’ve got a print edition back in PGH, which is fabulous. It is a compilation of all of Austen’s works in one beautifully bound edition with gilded pages… yes, printed books are a fabulous thing we most certainly should not toss aside just because there’s technology available to offer us a digitized substitute. Don’t misunderstand – I love my Nook and am thrilled to have it. But printed books are different. They offer things to the senses that e-readers/tablets just can’t replicate; like the beautiful binding and the feel of the covers and pages, the way the books smell, the beauty of those editions that have the gold or silver edged pages….

It is my sincerest hope that we as a society do not lose the wonder of printed books to e-books. It would be a very sad thing indeed.


2 thoughts on “My New Toy

    1. Thanks! My sister had told me about that site but I forgot all about it. I did discover that Barnes & Noble has quite an extensive selection of free ebooks as well. I’m a happy little bookworm. =)

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