Melting Pot

Good Grief…

Just a little heads up to other wordpress bloggers who, like me, kinda like to change their theme every so often:

If you have a private, secondary “testing blog” for which to make changes without actually changing your “live” blog; you know, in case you change your mind or again, like me, you are just super fickle and when you make changes it tends to take an hour or more of fiddling with things before you are happy with it so you don’t want to change what your live blog looks like umpteen times for any visitors who might be checking things out at the time…

Take a few minutes to make some test posts with faux content. Because, just importing your live blog’s content – so when testing you can see EXACTLY what the new theme will look like with your given content – will result in your test blog being immediately deleted for a violation of the terms of service.

Doesn’t matter that it’s your own damn content you copied. You copied it and therefore it must not belong to you and you must be punished by having your test blog snatched away from you with no warning whatsoever. Nevermind that there are tons of other blogs out there that actually are stealing content from others and otherwise violating terms of service that should be, but are not, suspended. Nope. You copied your own f***ing content and that is a huge no-no.



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