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cell cam pics are just so awesome aren’t they? :p

I hope everyone who celebrates it had a nice Thanksgiving yesterday. Most of my day was spent in the car with Alaskan, traveling to visit with some family for a while. Not many folks were there besides us but that was fine. It was still a very pleasurable day, and I enjoyed it very much. The food was good and the company even better. I baked a pumpkin cake to take with us – the leftovers of which were left behind as we have plenty of cake in the near future for our birthdays. As at least one of those cakes is going to require a bit of effort in the decorating, I kept the pumpkin cake simple. Smooth sides and top plus very simple piped borders. I’m still trying to master my reverse shell borders but I think I did pretty good with this one.

Today has been a low-key day and I’m happy with that. Some people might think that “same ol’ same ol'” day in and day out is boring. But I call it perfect. I like routine. I like simple. I like quiet. I’ve had far too much chaos and uncertainty in recent years. A “boring” routine such as the one we’ve settled into here is very much a welcome thing, and I intend to enjoy every drop of normalcy to the fullest extent. There are still moments that are less than pleasant of course, but mostly I am happy. And for that I am thankful.


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