Melting Pot


Not that I have the means to do it at this time anyway, but for quite a while I’ve really, really wanted to start my own line of cosmetics and (especially) nail polish. I had the chance to try my hand at making some nail polish, though in limited amounts and with very limited supplies. I loved it. Totally, completely, 100% loved it. I have a notebook full of ideas for colors, color names, themed collections… I can’t do it right now and I fear I’ve “missed the boat” on the market so to speak (this is something I’ve wanted and tried to get going for several years) but that’s beside the point. I still want to do it.

One of the problems I’ve faced with this idea is that I want to make glittery polishes. Lots and lots of them. That notebook filled with ideas? It’s full of very specific ideas. Ones that I KNOW I can make happen, if only I can get my hands on the supplies. Besides the money issue… I also cannot for the life of me find suppliers of the kinds of glitters I want and need to some day make this happen.

See, you can’t use just any old glitter in nail polish. If the glitters are not the right kind, the colors will bleed into the polish, the glitter itself will curl… it ain’t pretty. I know what I need. The problem is I can’t find where to get it.

And then I see this one particular indie company – which I am not going to name, for obvious reasons (what? You know you wouldn’t say who they are either if you were in my shoes!) – post to their facebook with their creations. Glitter in everything. Fabulous, glorious, incredible glitter. A lot of which is the very kind I have been looking for. All shapes and sizes and colors you can imagine: microglitters, bar glitters, various sizes of square, hexagon, and circle glitters, hearts, stars, moons, SNOWFLAKES even. Another thing I cannot find that I NEED to find is what we in the nail addict world call lovingly “flakies”. Oh goodness…. if you’re not familiar with what this is and what it means…. it’s just the most spectacular thing EVER and I have some specific colors in mind that require the stuff.

But I just can’t find this stuff anywhere. I’ve spent so many hours ready to rip my hair out or scream or cry in frustration. I asked the owner of the above company where she gets her glitters. I didn’t expect an answer but thought it couldn’t hurt to try, anyway. Naturally, no answer was provided.


The good thing I guess is that I have a thing for holographic nail polishes. And I did find a supplier for one type of product needed to make those. And I made some damned awesome ones if I do say so myself.

Of course all those efforts were simply to learn, not to start a business, though that was and still is the ultimate goal. You’ve got no idea how much I envy the couple of youtube “stars” from the beauty community who have been given the chance to work with some big companies to have their own special lines created with those companies, and there’s even (at least) one who just straight up has her own company now too.

Some day. Hopefully…


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