Melting Pot

About Time


The hats and gloves for my cousin’s girls are finally finished. I finished up the final glove today. And I am relieved, because I am honestly so utterly sick of knitting gloves right now! lol I am going to crochet some scarves to go with them so the girls can have complete winter sets. They didn’t request scarves, but it just seems like a good idea. And in crocheting them, they’ll work up faster. I can crochet faster than I can knit. I was a crocheter long before I was a knitter, and between the two crafts it is truly the one I prefer though I do like them both of course. Anyway, the yarn I used for these was used “as is” for the gloves and doubled for the hats. I intend to double or maybe even triple it for the scarves, simply to make the work go even faster. It’s gotten cold fast, so I really want to get these to the girls right away. The faster I can whip up the scarves to complete the sets, the better.

This morning i discovered that sadly my 70-300mm zoom lens has died. I believe I mentioned the troubles I was having with it here quite some time ago – at least a year ago. I started having trouble with it but found a workaround. I’d spoken to someone at Ritz about it and, as is usually the case with photography equipment, it would cost more to fix the lens than to replace it. Since I’d found a way to work around the problem, I just let it go and, though it was a bit frustrating at times I made due with it as it was. A few months ago the issues got a little worse. And now… dead lens. It would cost roughly $200 to replace. Which means it won’t be replaced any time in the foreseeable future. sigh. Oh well. In the grand scheme of things it’s not too terribly important to have that lens, and if I had a spare $200 to spend right now there are actually other things I’d prefer to buy. But it will still be an adjustment to get used to not having that lens!


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