Melting Pot

Don’t You Love When…

… this happens?


Especially fun when it happens online where people can’t hear the tone with which you’ve “said” something. Isn’t it?

Happened today, though I’m not in a mood to defend/explain myself. So. I’ll let random dude think I’m an idiot. Makes no difference to me, honestly. I’ve more important things to worry about.

One such thing being finishing these darned gloves I am knitting! I finished glove number three of four tonight. Well. Almost. I didn’t weave in the loose ends yet. And I don’t intend to. But that’s just “finishing work” – the glove itself is done. Now I must convince myself tomorrow to weave in all the loose ends (striped gloves = more loose ends than I care to deal with at the moment!) and start the final glove. And get as far with it as I possibly can. I really want to choose and move on to a crochet project, but I promised myself I would not do that until the gloves are finished.

Yep. Random and pointless post. It’s better than a “silent” blog though right?

But this post does need something at least mildly amusing so… here ya go. Totally something I would say. And have said, I believe. Probably more than once.


More things to ponder here.


One thought on “Don’t You Love When…

  1. LOL sweetness! 😀 It really can be quite amusing to watch how people perceive words online when there are no facial expressions or tones of voice to gauge them by. LOL And the Gilmore Girls reference is hilarious, too; that is beautiful sarcasm right there. 😀

    Hope you have a great day and a great weekend ahead, hon. I know you’ll get that last glove, and I know you’ll get all those loose ends take care of, too (hmmm… loose ends… metaphor for life, perhaps?).

    Sending you tons of love and hugs…
    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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