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G-lovely Progress

Way back in June, I promised my cousin’s daughters I’d make hats and gloves for them. I can’t keep my mouth shut sometimes and volunteer myself for stuff that at the time seems like a good enough idea, but usually I quickly realize I should have been quiet when the opportunity to offer myself/my services for something popped up. It’s a bad habit I’m trying to break. Not the volunteering part – but the volunteering without really thinking it through to be sure I am truly capable and willing to provide whatever it is I’m volunteering to do.

The hats started off infuriating me. I can crochet hats all day long. Ok not really, I’d get sick of it not to mention my hands and wrists would get sore. But what I mean is, those are easy for me. However, due to the girls being in a different state and me not being totally sure on sizing, I opted to knit the hats instead. Knitted fabric tends to have more stretch and be more forgiving in terms of size, in my opinion, than crocheted fabric. Mind you the last time I tried to make a knitted hat without a pattern was for the man and it was WAY too big. We got a good laugh out of it, but… the point is that it did not really go very well. I had major issues getting started on the hats and then when I was finally finishing up on hat number one, sure I’d done well… I goofed. Big time. Like, can’t possibly fix it big time. I ripped it all out and searched again for a pattern to use instead of winging it. Because clearly, to just make it up as I went was NOT going to work.

Thankfully I found a suitable pattern, and both hats are now complete and have been for a while now. Now, whether or not they’ll actually fit the girls remains to be seen. My gauge was spot on, and the patterns used were for generic/average child sized heads based on their grade in school. So. I’m hopeful and possibly just a tiny bit optimistic that the sizes are at least close enough to right that they’ll fit well enough.

The gloves?

I’d never made gloves before. I made a pair of “fingerless gloves” for myself a couple years ago, without a pattern, whilst sitting in the waiting room at the hospital while my sister brought my youngest niece into the world. But proper gloves? Never before now.

This was not without a certain degree of frustration of course; but I have instructions to follow that make the process as painless as it can possibly be. My gauge is a little off from the instructions, smack in the middle of two different sizes. I’m working as if my gauge is on for the larger of the two sizes, and I think hope that the results are just about where they need to be.

I finished glove number one a little while ago. Glove number two was slow in starting. Because I procrastinated and didn’t feel like starting it. But I finally got it started the other day, and this is where I stand with it as of right now:

It’s just about to where I start working the fingers. And then I get to tackle pair number two, which is to be striped. So, a little more work involved in that pair but not by much.

I way overestimated how much yarn I would need to complete these things. I figured on each hat and each pair of gloves needing perhaps 1 or slightly more skeins of yarn for the yarn I am using, so I got 3 skeins of each color I needed. Just to be safe. Because it sucks to be mid project or almost to the end of a project and run out of yarn. I wasn’t thinking that one hat and pair of gloves would be striped so I’d need less of those colors. And the solid color hat took less than one skein, and it’s looking like each pair of gloves will need less than one skein as well. So, I’m going to have quite a bit of yarn leftover. And yet… not enough left over to do a heck of a lot with it.

I’m considering making scarves for the girls as well. Though they didn’t request scarves, I’m sure I’ll have enough leftover yarn to make them and it will be a nice surprise for them to get something extra. And I’m sure they will appreciate having full winter sets instead of just the hats and gloves. Well… their daddy will appreciate that, anyway. They’re too young for such appreciation, I think. But kids can surprise you so who knows?

I am going to try to finish glove number 2 tonight. I’m not sure I will manage it but I’m going to try. Even if I don’t finish it tonight I am far enough with it I can definitely finish it tomorrow. And then all I have to do is motivate myself to get pair number 2 made. Once those are done I’ll revisit the idea of scarves, which will most likely be crocheted if I do make them because crochet work moves much faster than knit work and I’ve been putting so much knitting into the hats and gloves I’m really beyond ready to move to crochet now for a change! Scarves or not, my goal is to have these packed up and in the mail so that the girls will have them in time for the cold weather. Which means… I need to get and stay motivated to finish these silly gloves!


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