Melting Pot

We’re All Mad Here

I just felt like using a Cheshire Cat quote, and I happen to like that one a lot. Truth be told I’ve never cared much for Disney’s Alice In Wonderland movie. I think the book upon which it was based, Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland, is mildly more enjoyable. Still not something I would call a favorite, but more enjoyable than the movie at least. Either way, there’s just something about Cheshire Cat I quite adore. Though I don’t think that the movie portrays him in quite the right way, and as such most people’s ideas of him are a little skewed if you ask me. But whatever.

I am trying to create a new recipe to share. There are two parts to it, and one part I have finished and am happy with it. Though I do want to get a second opinion. But the second part of the recipe is giving me trouble, right now. So it might be a while before I can share. I don’t want to even hint at what it is, but I can tell you that if I can master this… you are going to love it. =)

On the subject of recipes and food I’m feeling like I should post more stuff like that here. Looking at my stats it seems to be the most popular stuff I post, particularly the cake decorating things. So with that in mind let me ask: what cake decorating things would you like me to post about? I’m not a professional so I most certainly do not know everything about cake decorating but I do like to learn, so if you want to know something I’m familiar with already maybe I can do a tutorial to help out and if it’s something I’m not familiar with then maybe I can do some research and we can learn together. But either way, if there’s something you’re wanting to learn to do let me know.

I don’t really have a whole lot to say right now. I do have one more thing I’d like to share today though and that is: If y’all have not discovered Bunny aka Graveyard Girl on youtube… please go check her out. I stumbled onto her channel recently somehow, and she just cracks me up. She reminds me very, very much of someone I know/used to know but I can’t figure out who. But I just kind of love her and have gotten such a kick out of so many of her videos. Highly recommend you watch a few. I especially recommend watching some of her “Does This Thing Really Work?” videos. Hilarious. ❤


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