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J and I were having a discussion about the talents – or lack thereof – of many of the young “singers” today. I brought up Demi Lovato as being one I actually like, and who actually DOES have talent. He’s not familiar with her. SO. This one is for you J. And anyone else who is not familiar with Demi.

This is a live performance of the song Skyscraper:

And to compare, this is the official video for that song, which translates to “studio version” of the song (aka not live):

Granted her genre is not my preference, but that is irrelevant when considering her talent. Her market is “pop” – which is not what I’m into. But I don’t mind her music one bit. The same cannot be said for others in the same market, who will remain nameless as far as this post is concerned. My whole point is that Demi, unlike many of her “peers”, has true talent. Even if the genre is not what you care for I think you’d have to at least agree on the talent aspect.


3 thoughts on “Skyscraper

  1. I watched the first video of the song – I prefer live over studio – and I have to agree she does have a pretty powerful voice. What made me keep listening right to the end was that she didn’t just sing the lyrics; she pulled the lyrics from something within her own life, which allowed her to really connect with the audience. It’s hard to find music artists that allow that kind of connection to occur anymore.

    Thanks for sharing this, sweetness. I don’t know why you chose this particular song to showcase this young artist’s talent, but I’m glad you chose it. It was exactly what I needed to hear today. Love you bunches! ♥ ♥ ♥

    1. This song actually really does mean a lot to Demi. (She did not write it, however. But that’s beside the point.) She first started singing it a couple years ago but was going through some very difficult things at that time, and was unable to record it because it was too emotional for her. She has fought hard through difficult things, and once she was able to she recorded the song. And though it’s been a while now since it was first recorded you can still tell every time she performs it that it’s got deep emotions attached to it for her.

      I’ve got my own reasons for relating to the song and why I chose it to share in this post… but I’ll save that for another time…

  2. I figured there was something personal in it for her, sweetness, yep. I mean, you can’t just sing a song with those kinds of lyrics without being touched in some way by them, right?

    For whatever it’s worth to you, honey, you are stronger than you might believe you are. Through our various communications with each other over the years, I know you’ve gone through a lot of things that not everyone could handle and move past. So, I know that however you connect with the song, you are always going to be strong. Love you!
    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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