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Test Knits & Randomness

I have been recruited to test knit something for my sister. Always fun when that happens. OK, not ALWAYS. But it is nice. My sister and I fight like cats and dogs all the time sometimes, but when we do get along and can help each other out with things, it’s nice.

Thanks to alaskan454′s hard work, we finally have a kitchen sink. It doesn’t quite work as it’s supposed to, but it is still awesome regardless. It’s been a few days and I still grin like an idiot when I use it. And when I am using the sink in the bathroom and I hear him using the sink in the kitchen, I can’t help but giggle a little and think “We both have a sink to use at the same time. That’s SO cool!” Don’t look at me that way. You try going without a kitchen sink for a long time and see how giddy it makes you when you’ve finally got one again. And poor alaskan454 had to go without much longer than I did. And all this brings me to: while I was washing a couple dishes today in the kitchen sink (seriously, I am SO happy to be able to do this it’s kind of sick) I was looking out the window and happened to realize that a tree in the yard looks rather interesting. Photographically speaking, I mean. I’ve not had any bursts of photographic inspiration since leaving Pittsburgh so it took me by surprise. I found myself just staring at that tree, contemplating it’s structure and form and composing various shots in my mind. I just MIGHT take some pictures of it with the camera one of these days, if the right lighting presents itself. I kept an eye on that silly tree for the rest of the day, making note of the position of the sun and how the light was hitting that tree and considering whether it would be good for shooting or not. I didn’t notice any particularly favorable lighting but I’ll keep an eye on things for a while, and if I am lucky one day the conditions will be just right for a little mother nature photo shoot.

I’ve been reconnecting with an old friend who found me on Facebook. Honestly, I was not sure I wanted to reply to her message. Things ended VERY badly between us. I can hold a grudge forever if I want to. That is not something to be proud of  and I am by no means bragging about it, but it is the truth. I am also, however, polite to a fault. So I replied. And we’ve been talking. I’m not sure, yet, if it’s a good thing. I’ll just try to keep a positive attitude there as well. A lot of time has passed since we parted ways. We were still just kids when things went downhill. So, perhaps things have changed in our lives to the point where we can be friends again. We’ll see.

Oh my gosh I AM getting old. I just referred to 18-19 years of age as ” just kids”. Oh… my… O_O

At any rate, I told my sister quit a while ago I would begin test knitting for her “soon”, and I think “soon” has passed and she is probably wondering why I have not emailed her to let her know how things are going. Y’all know how impatient I am? Compared to my sister, I am incredibly patient. I best be going.

Love, peace, and bacon grease y’all.


(I am in a goofy mood. What? You know it made you grin, admit it.)


3 thoughts on “Test Knits & Randomness

  1. Awwww…. You’re sweet, hon. I don’t think they’re that spectacular; I don’t use Photoshop or any other kind of editor to make them look the way they look. I prefer to share them as Mother Nature presented them, and not dressed up like so many people do with Photoshop or other such programs. But I honestly do appreciate that you like the storm photos; and I would love to see your storm pics. What you may think is boring, I’m pretty sure other people will see as awesome – because I know how good a photographer you are, sweetness, and I think you’re underestimating yourself. Love you!
    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    1. But not using photoshop is exactly what I LOVE about your pictures, Holly! You know how I feel about photoshop and other such programs. I admit it’s fun to play with sometimes but people really over-use it and honestly, some “professional photographers” I have seen should not be allowed to call themselves photographers (or be professionals) because they only know how to take sub-par photos and then they doctor them up with the computer to come up with results that a truly talented photographer who knows their camera could have gotten with just the camera and maybe some very light-handed touch-ups with a computer if absolutely necessary. I see so many “photography” tutorials online about how to use photoshop to brighten eyes in portraits, blue the background of a picture, correct the white balance etc. All things that if you actually know about photography and take some time to learn your camera you can achieve without needing computer editing.

      ANYWAY! Once I am back in PGH – whenever that will be – I will go through the pictures on my external and see if there are any storm photos I am willing to share. =)

      1. Blur the background, not blue it. lol My fingers are faster than my brain sometimes when I type. Although that’s another one I see a lot of – how to make the sky bluer in landscape pictures or outdoor portraits. And again, if you just know what you are doing, and maybe use a polarizing filter on your lens like you really ought to be using for outdoor photos anyway…

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