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Silent Treatment

I think it is safe to say my oldest niece is giving me the silent treatment. She’s removed me from her friend list on Facebook, and has completely ignored every text I have sent her for the past month, as well as the few phone calls I made. I know why she’s upset with me. It’s because I left Pittsburgh. It’s not like I didn’t tell her. Yeah, if you read that post, I neglected to tell most people in my life. But she was not part of that group. Granted when I told her it was quite a while before I actually left – but I did tell her I would be leaving, I just didn’t know when. I didn’t see her before I left. She has had no interest in visiting for a long time. It’s not like my being in a different zip code has made that much of a difference in our relationship, considering the way it’s been for the past year or two with her and her family. Who I am kidding? Her whole life things have been chaotic and so back-and-forth it could give a person motion sickness. But I am speaking in terms of more recent events. I know her, and when she wants to shut you out… she’s damn good at it. She will officially be a teenager soon. These are going to be some fun years.

Would it be really heartless and selfish of me to never go back to Pittsburgh?

I know I have to go back at some point. Most likely sooner than I’d truly prefer. I just really don’t want to. There’s only one person who I’d go back for. And he isn’t likely to give me what I need that would get me back to Yankee territory. I keep hoping he will. I want to believe he will. But words mean nothing without actions to back them up. So far, all I have from him are words… and that’s just not enough, anymore.


One thought on “Silent Treatment

  1. Aw sweetie…. No, it would not be selfish of you if you don’t go back. You have to do what’s best for YOU, even if that means walking away from people until they can get themselves sorted out. Your niece will come around; she’ll figure out what is and is not actual reality in her life. Sometimes, we have to go through really hard stuff by ourselves in order to learn certain life lessons; the best thing you can do for her right now is to be where you are, and to send her good energies. As you know, I went through very similar painful times with my daughter, but by stepping back and allowing her to learn for herself what the actual reality of life was, she and I are together today and our bond is even stronger than I could have dreamed it could be. You are not being selfish to move forward with your own life. If anything, honey, it could be the best gift you’ll ever give your niece…

    Email me your phone number, sweetie, and I will call you. Sometimes, talking to someone directly can make all the difference in the world. Love you…
    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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