Melting Pot


I decided to change the look of the blog yet again. Sorry. Y’all should know by now that I am fickle like that. 😉

I’ve been in North Carolina for just a couple days now, and so far I really like it where I am. It has been so very nice to get away from Pittsburgh, for so many reasons. I have to admit at this point, I am completely evil and did not bother to tell most people I was leaving. Let me rephrase that: I told only the handful of people I know actually care about me that I was leaving. The rest found out afterward either from my dad, or from a post I made on Facebook that made it clear I was not in Pittsburgh anymore. Pure evil, I know. But I don’t care. Those people were not told I would be leaving for very good reasons; the least of which being that I am pushing 30 (oh shut up) and what I choose to do is none of their business, no matter how much they try to make it their business.

It has definitely required some adjusting, being here. First and foremost of course is sharing close living quarters with a roomie. Said roomie also happens to be my uncle who I absolutely adore. It seems to be going well thus far. Beyond that, this town is ENORMOUS compared to my home town. According to current population information (found here), the town I am in now has a population of 28,094.  The population in my hometown? 4,300. I am amazed by all the stores and restaurants here. In my hometown the most popular “restaurant” is Sheetz. Not even kidding here. I am used to one grocery store and a handful of restaurants, and having to travel to other towns for many things. Here, the options seem endless. Not that we’ve gone out much but the couple times we have been out I’ve been pondering the differences and making note of all the places to shop and eat.

That said, my home town does have one thing I’ve not yet seen here – a LYS. That translates to “local yarn shop” for those who don’t know. There may be one here and Google Maps just doesn’t have it in the database, but it’s not likely. I do have a LYS to visit back home, and it’s run by a super sweet little old lady (and her daughter) and I adore shopping there for yarn. It is small compared to some yarn shops I’ve been in, but it’s still far superior to buying yarn at Wal Mart. To be fair there are a couple yarns sold at Wal Mart that I don’t mind and one that I use quite often, but I much prefer the natural fibers found at local shops.

My time here has been short to this point, but it’s been nice. I am still getting used to my new surroundings, but so far I am happy here. Certainly much happier than I was back in Pittsburgh. There are some things I miss (like the above mentioned Sheetz – oh man do I want a caramel MTO frozen cream!), and there are some people I miss even more. My time away has already been good for me, though. There is an awful lot to do here in terms of the work that needs done on the house. I’m not sure how much good I will be for most of that. I mean I am 5’4″ with the upper body strength of cooked spaghetti. (Nice metaphor, eh?) Not to mention I am an incredibly talented klutz with an uncanny ability to trip over absolutely nothing. But I will do my best to be helpful.

Love & hugs xoxo


2 thoughts on “New

  1. You have definitely contributed plenty to already qualify as helpful. If you do little more than clean up after me as I do the “heavy lifting”, that will save me huge amounts of time. Time is something I have so very little of at the moment, as you well know.

  2. Hi sweets. *hug* I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself. What fun to explore new places! And how awesome is it that you get to spend time with someone you love; that sure makes everything feel a lot more relaxed and comfortable, eh? 🙂

    As for the photography, I hear you about things being heart-wrenching. What I’ve seen so far has put me in such a state of shock that I can’t even cry. The devastation is just mind-numbing… and I’m only an observer to it all; I can hardly wrap my brain around what my eyes have seen. How the survivors must be feeling is something I can barely imagine. My brain can’t seem to comprehend the destruction.

    But documenting this is just too important, so in spite of the shock, I go where I can, and I help out when I can. I can’t do the physical work, but hubby and I *have* found other ways to help the flood survivors, so at least we’re not doing nothing.

    Enjoy your time in your new home, my friend. Explore, experience, enjoy…
    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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