Melting Pot

On Instagram

Since I got my new phone, I’ve been discovering apps that have been popular for ages that I only heard about.

Instagram being one of them.

I would not say it’s my favorite app. I like sharing pictures occasionally through it. I might enjoy it more if my phone’s camera could auto-focus. (Seriously Kyocera, why make this otherwise completely awesome phone but kill it with a crummy camera?) But I know that Instagram is kind of like a photographic version of Twitter: people will post the most mundane stuff that nobody really cares about. We’re all subject to doing that from time to time, and once in a while it is ok. I am not going to fault people for doing something I myself fall victim to a little more often than I’d prefer. But there are people who only post such things, all the time.

And then there’s the barrage of pictures from girls/women (mostly teenagers/early 20’s) who are constantly posting self portraits. Which in and of itself is irritating – vain much? – but they make it worse by doing one or more of the following in all/many of the pictures: wearing skimpy clothing, pulling on what clothing they are wearing to show more skin, duck face. And then when guys make perverted comments on the pictures the girls (and other commenters) get defensive. So let’s get something straight: first up, duck face is stupid and ugly and does not look cute on anyone. So please stop that nonsense immediately. Secondly, if you’re going to wear skimpy clothing and/or tug on your clothing to reveal more skin, women will have catty things to say and men will have sexually explicit thoughts that they will likely verbalize. That should be expected. Of course, teens/preteens posting such pictures don’t have the world knowledge to realize this and that taking and posting such pictures could be DANGEROUS but they are also not (usually) naive enough to not know posting such pictures will generate that kind of attention. You either: act offended at the dirty comments but secretly like them and that is why you are posting the pictures or: you are really, really naive in which case you should not be on the internet, posting pictures of yourself (and half naked at that). Though even for the naive, I don’t see how you can post a picture of yourself in which you are OBVIOUSLY trying to look sexy, and then be surprised/offended/disgusted by the sexually charged comments. Men are lusty creatures – as we women can be too – and if you show them what they like, they’re more than likely going to say so but many of them are also going to be quite blatant about it. But whatever. The point is that there’s too many pictures like this from young girls/women on the internet. And many, many of the pictures on Instagram are such pictures. If you truly do not want such attention: don’t take pictures like that. It’s as simple as that. And if you do want that attention – don’t pretend otherwise.

Stepping off my soap box, there are folks who use Instagram the right way. I’ve found several people to follow who have absolutely stunning feeds to follow.

Thus far, my very favorite is Karlthefog – oh my goodness, some of the most stunning photos I have ever seen are here. I love fog, I love photographing fog. I have always loved it. It makes the world feel magical and dream-like to me. We don’t have enough foggy mornings/days here… so I get my foggy fix by browsing the photos on Karlthefog’s Instagram.

Some other favorites:


My own Instagram feed is private and for friends and family only. As such I am not sharing what my name there is. If we know each other personally and you use IG and want to be able to see my pictures email me so I know not to delete your friend/follow request. If I don’t know you, though the request will be deleted.


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