Melting Pot

I Might…

… have a tiny, itty bitty lip gloss problem.

Picture 155

This is the entire Glossaholic collection from Hard Candy. Which has been discontinued, by the way, so if you see something you like I suggest you head to Wal Mart immediately because you may have trouble finding these in the near future as the stores sell the last of their inventory. But anyway. Yes you read right – the whole collection. 12 glorious, sparkly shades. I have two tubes of “Lush”, because I forgot that I already had it. (oops.) But they are slightly different, from being different batches. So it kind of works out as if they’re different colors.

And no this is not the only lip gloss I own. This is not even all the lip gloss I own that is made by Hard Candy. There’s more. A lot more.

I use lip gloss a lot though, so that makes it ok. Right? I mean even if I am just staying home doing nothing, I swipe lip gloss on. Even on the days I am not feeling well or am being particularly lazy and I don’t even bother getting dressed because my pajamas are so much more comfortable… I will wear lip gloss.

I know I don’t typically post beauty related things here – I just felt like making a new post (for once) but was not sure what exactly to post about. As I finished off my Glossaholic collection today when I spotted the last color I had not been able to find previously, it was a subject that was on my mind so I figured why not just post about that.

Rascal has taken to snatching empty water bottles and soda bottles from the trash and turning them into toys. So while I was shopping today I stopped to look at the dog toys, and I happened to see one that is meant to be used with empty water or soda bottles. It’s a cute little tube that you put an empty bottle in for the dog to play with. They only had one left, a bumble bee. Rascal loves it! It was well worth five dollars to get it for her. She’s been running around playing with it all day since we got home and I gave it to her. She needed some new toys anyway, she has destroyed nearly all her old ones. I try to toss them when she takes her naps (which is hard to do because the little stinker wakes up when I start moving around and she has to follow me around to know what I am up to at all times) but she will snatch them right back out of the garbage if she can. Or, if it’s a time she can’t, she just stares at me with the saddest look in her eyes like she just does not understand why I threw out one of her toys. She is playing with the new bumble bee toy as I type this though, happy as can be with it. Hopefully it is durable enough to last her a while. If it survives a week, I’ll be happy. Obviously I would love for it to last significantly longer than that but I’m being realistic here – she likes to rip her toys to shreds. They do not last long for her. I’ve paid quite a bit to get her a couple better quality, “heavy duty” toys that are holding up well. But it figures, those are her least favorite of all the options in her toy box. She loves the ones she can rip up!

It’s about time for our afternoon walk, which I think I will turn into a play session in the yard instead. It is too cold outside for a long walk – I hope the forecast for next week is accurate because if it is, it will be a little warmer and maybe we can get more, longer walks in. But for right now it’s still cold enough that I need to bundle up. Not my favorite walking weather by any means.


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