Melting Pot

How Many…

How many blog posts can one person write in just one day?

Right now I’m at seven, not including this one.

Not all those posts were actually published today of course. I am writing up posts in advance and scheduling them to post over the next few weeks on the beauty blog.

I have my reasons for this. Mostly that: it’s just nice to have that stuff ready to go for a while so I don’t have to worry about it every day. Well, not every day. I changed my routine for the beauty blog so that there are only three posts made per week. But even so it is nice to have posts scheduled in advance so I don’t have to worry about posting for a while. Any time a day pops up that I don’t have a billion things to do I try to get some more posts scheduled. Or on days like today when I decide to just say fuck it and spend the day doing whatever I WANT instead of what I HAVE to do. It works either way.

I have the rest of this month covered, and the first post for April is scheduled as well. After supper I am going to try to get at least half of April’s posts scheduled as well. It’s just nice to be ahead of schedule so to speak, considering the rest of my life is either at a stand-still, behind schedule, or on no schedule whatsoever in the first place.

Ok. I’ll be totally, 100% honest. I’m scheduling all these posts to the beauty blog because I kind of don’t feel like running the beauty blog anymore. But it’s taken me six years to build up the readership that I have. And it’s only in the last two years or so that people really started finding/reading it. Granted it’s still a very, very small blog in the world of beauty blogs. But I have 122 subscribers via GFC alone (I don’t know how to see how many email/RSS subscribers there are or if I even can see how many there are), and I get an average of 112 unique visits a day. That might not be a lot in the blogging world but it’s huge to me. I hate to throw away all those years of writing and effort… so, I figure if I just get into a blogging mood (which I did today) I can get as many posts scheduled as possible to keep the blog going as long as possible. And maybe over the weeks (or months, as the case may be) that I am not actively blogging because it’s all been scheduled, just maybe I’ll get my beauty blogging mojo back. Something tells me I won’t. I have not been “in the mood” to write on the beauty blog for well over a year now. I still adore my makeup and nail polish, don’t get me wrong. Just… the love of writing about it has disappeared.

With everything I have been through in the last year, blogging about beauty products just feels so trivial. I know I can’t keep up with it forever by simply scheduling a bunch of posts in advance. But for now, that’s what I am going to do. Maybe at some point I’ll start to enjoy it again. If some significant time passes and I still feel this way, then I will have to start thinking about shutting it down. I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.


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