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What A Mess…

I’ve been trying for HOURS to sort this mess out. HOURS.


That is what happens when a certain kitty named Sydney decides she’s going to help me wind a hank of yarn into a ball.

This was already a sticky situation anyway, because I don’t have a swift or ball winder. I know from experience that for me, doing this by hand usually means a small degree of tangling that has to be dealt with along the way. Syd saw the yarn dangling and moving around though and had to come help. And before I knew it… well. My poor beautiful 100% merino is quite a mess to look at.

I refuse to give up on it. It’s $14 worth of bliss in such a gorgeous soft peachy-tinged cream color. Though trying to get this yarn disaster straightened out is giving me an awful headache and making me want to sit down and sob. I had intended to start a project with this yarn this afternoon.  Oh well. The best laid plans…

My dentist appointment this afternoon went better than anticipated. I didn’t need a root canal; could not be more grateful for that if I tried! My dentist said he thinks that with the stress I have been under recently I may have been grinding my teeth and that caused the tooth to break. It’s all fixed now and I feel so much better now that I can stop stressing about that. I have another appointment in a couple weeks for another tooth that’s being bratty. I didn’t have that one dealt with today too purely due to not knowing the cost of fixing the broken tooth.

I am off to try to sort out my merino once more. I doubt I’ll get it all figured out tonight. But I’m going to try!


3 thoughts on “What A Mess…

  1. LOL Have yarn and cat, will have disaster. LOLOL I do hope you get it sorted out, though, sweetness. 14 clams for a ball of yarn is a lot of dough… and even I have to say it looks lovely, in spite of how tangled it is. Bad kitty… BAD KITTY… 😀

    1. I have made progress in getting it untangled, but I am not done yet. Hopefully I can get the rest of it sorted out today. As for the price, yes it is a lot. Sort of. Natural fiber yarns (which I prefer greatly over synthetics) just cost more than synthetics. There are a lot of nice synthetics out there of course, and I don’t mind using many of them, but when it comes down to it I prefer natural fibers. A big part of the price is how many yards are in the hank/ball/skein though – sometimes it’s worth it because you’re getting a lot of yardage. The Merinosilk I got and posted about recently was about $11 a ball, but each ball has 384 yards so it doesn’t take a lot of those to be able to make something from it.

      Back to the tangled yarn in question though: it’s not the most I have spent on a hank of yarn. Not even half. *blush* The most expensive yarn I have bought was $36. There are some other yarns I want to get that are even more expensive than that, but I doubt I will ever get any of those. I can justify the $36 yarn in that the one hank was enough for me to make a cute hat and scarf set. The yarn I am trying to untangle now has plenty of yardage for me to make a couple items as well. The more expensive stuff that I want (oh how I want it!) does NOT have enough yardage in just one hank for me to be able to make anything from it. Other than maybe a short, skinny scarf. Which I don’t like. I would need at least two to make something more significant. Until I find a really rich sugar daddy (hahaha) that yarn will stay on my wish list and I’ll look at it every time I visit the LYS but I will not buy it.

  2. I finally got the yarn untangled! It took far more hours than I care to count lol. Now I can finally start my project with it! It’s a smaller project so maybe I will be able to share what it is at some point this weekend. =)

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