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Fiber Fix

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My dentist appointment is Wednesday. I have the feeling I’m going to be pretty cranky till then. I went to the office to schedule my appointment rather than do it by phone. Because that way I was right around the corner from the yarn store. It was a good excuse to stop in. Don’t look at me like that.

My sister got the last two balls of a super pretty pastel green Grignasco Merinosilk 25 over the weekend. I was so so jealous. This yarn is perfect. I had to get some for myself.

Picture 020

I’ll be making this shawl with it:

Yes, that is all I got. I was going to get a third ball just to be certain I would have enough, but I decided two should be plenty. Plus the owner of my LYS (that’s “local yarn shop” for those who don’t know the lingo) told me that if I realize I need more to give her a call and she’ll hide some away for me.

The only problem I am facing at the moment is that my printer doesn’t work so I can’t print out the pattern. I’m going to have to sit at the computer to work on the shawl. No the most comfortable place to knit. But it’ll do. I’ll swing by the library this weekend to print the pattern if I really feel it’s necessary. I’ll fiddle with my printer a bit first though, maybe I can get it to cooperate enough to get the pattern printed.


2 thoughts on “Fiber Fix

  1. I wouldn’t worry too much about Rascal and how she might react to being spayed. Honestly, what I’m going through with Glimmer is a first; of all the animals I’ve had, she is the first to respond the way that she has been. All of my previous animals had no ill effects – physically or psychologically. Rascal will be fine, sweetness; really, she will. *hug*

    1. I know. It’s hard not to worry about the babies when it comes to vet visits of any sort though. It is still up in the air when we will be able to get it done anyway so there’s no point in stressing about it now. I hope Glimmer is starting to feel a little better!

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