Melting Pot

Can You Guess?

Go ahead. Guess what (part of) this post is about. I dare you.

If you guessed anything other than Rascal Flatts…. what is wrong with you? LOL

Another year, another concert in Pittsburgh… that I won’t see. I’m quite certain of that already. Same venue as usual, which means ticket prices are going to be the same as last year if not higher. And I just cannot justify $50 for one LAWN seat. Kenney Chesney tickets were only $20 for lawn seats. I saw Keith Urban at a  different venue, some kick ass seats might I add, for $30. That ticket price attached to a patch of grass just is not worth it. Not even for my beloved Rascal Flatts.

But I found out they’re having a contest to design their tour trucks for this Summer. The winner gets a cash prize, VIP tickets to a concert, and of course… to meet the guys. *swoon*

I suck at graphic design. I haven’t a clue how to use Photoshop and have not even had Photoshop for years. I’m not willing to pay for it just for this contest either. I’ve heard only good things about a free program called Gimp that’s supposed to be comparable to Photoshop. I can’t get the hang of it at all and no matter what I did I couldn’t get the silly thing to add text. So I ended up using both Gimp and another free program (Artweaver) to come up with a couple entries. I had to make the text layers in Artweaver then import them into Gimp. Total pain in the ass. But it worked.

It took me ages to finish my two simple little entries. Because as I said… I don’t have a clue what I’m doing when it comes to graphic design!

Here are my entries, though. I think I did fairly well, considering my lack of graphic design knowledge. I can enter more too, which I might, if I can come up with some more that I am pleased with.

Design 1
Design 2

I thought when I looked at the rules before it said that there would be a panel of judges made up of Rascal Flatts’ management team/Rascal Flatts themselves to pick the winner but now I see that the judges pick the top twenty then from there, there’s on-site voting to pick the winners. Darn it. I hate that. There’s always at least one person who enters these things who has a popular blog/youtube channel who can get tons of people to vote for them, and it leaves people like me with no chances of winning whatsoever. Oh well. It’s in God’s hands now – if I am meant to win, I will. If not, at least I tried and at least I got to explore graphic design a bit.

I think I’m getting sick. I’ve been a bit sniffly and keep sneezing today. Neither of which is a good sign.

Oldest niece is out at the store with her step-mother (bwahahaha! – those who know my family know why this is funny!) and ought to be back soon so I best be going so I can keep an eye out to open up the door for her. She has a project due for school I’m helping her with but she didn’t buy enough of something she needed – I tried to tell her I thought she would need more but nobody ever listens to me! We need to get that finished up. Then as far as I know she’s going home tonight. I hope so anyway – poor child is having a really lousy time in school and she hates it and is downright refusing to even go most days. I do not want to have to be the one to deal with that in the morning. (She has every right to feel the way she does – she is bullied and the other kids are spreading nasty rumors about her and making her miserable. I know from experience how she feels. 😦 Kids can be such rotten little monsters!)


One thought on “Can You Guess?

  1. Thanks, sweetness. We were really worried, to say the very least, about our Glimmer girl… I think she got hold of a couple of mountain-ash berries; I can’t prove that, but I have reason to think that’s what happened. We’re lucky we didn’t lose her…

    As for storm chasing, I live for it. 🙂 And if this summer is anything like last summer, well, there will be a lot more videos coming, that’s for sure. 🙂

    Hugs & Love to you!
    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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