Melting Pot

Five Down, Five To Go

Picture 025

Oh come on. You can’t tell me you didn’t see it coming a mile away that this was about Rascal Flatts.

I picked up Unstoppable at the store today. It was the only Rascal Flatts CD they had. As in the lone RF CD. I asked the man if there were more in the back. There were not. Figures. But, Unstoppable was about two dollars cheaper at the store than it is on Amazon, so I figured I may as well grab it. It only makes sense. Right? Yeah, I think so too. 😉

It just tickles me looking at the pictures in the older CD’s – the guys look SO different now. They’re all still totally gorgeous of course, and Gary is still pretty much the love of my life but he just doesn’t know it. bwahahaha! No, really, if I had to choose just one of them to say who I find most attractive of the three, I could not do it. They are all incredibly handsome men. I adore them equally. Ok ok ok, maybe, maybe I favor Gary just a wee touch more than Jay and JD. It’s only a minuscule amount though.

I don’t really have anything else to say at the moment. I have a one track mind sometimes, and today is apparently one of those days.


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