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Healthy Dog

We’ve just returned from Rascal’s visit with the vet for a basic check-up and a couple shots. She was nervous but well behaved, considering. And she’s a perfectly healthy little dog, which is such a relief to her paranoid human momma! She does have to go back in a couple weeks for another shot, we had missed one last year somehow. (My fault I’m sure.) But after that she will be all set and won’t have to go back till next year. After the vet we took her to a local shop that has all sorts of dog treats and toys and got her a couple special treats – one of which she’s on the couch chewing on right now. I expect she’ll be napping soon.

I’m waiting for a new recipe to be published on MRM. I posted about the cookies way back in 2011, but didn’t share the recipe at the time. Here’s a picture for a little sneak peek:

Fondant Cookies
Fondant Cookies

Aren’t they pretty? I’ll tell you more about them once the recipe has been published on MRM.

I have much to do today and some things I need to think about/figure out so that’s all for now. If the cookie recipe is published at any point today I’ll post again later. For now though, I’ve got to get a sponsored post up on the beauty blog and then I have some dishes to wash and cleaning up to do.



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