Melting Pot


Another copy-paste from Jenna’s Gofundme page. I can’t seem to find words for any “regular” posts anymore:

Rascal is really missing Jenna. Last night, she spent several hours sleeping in the spot where Jenna spent most of her final days. She even slept there through most of the night which is not like her at all, usually she sleeps in bed with me. I feel so bad for her, all I can do is cuddle her and tell her that I miss Jenna too.

The first payment on the vet bill is due soon, on the 6th. I don’t quite have enough for the minimum payment but I am sure I’ll scrape together the last couple of dollars somehow.

My birthday is Friday. Friday will also mark two weeks since we had to say goodbye to Jenna. =( It’s been an incredibly painful and difficult two weeks, trying to adjust to life without her here. I know we did what was best for her, and that we did all we could for her and there simply was nothing else to do at the end. But that doesn’t make it hurt any less.

My computer is giving me trouble lately; I’m long overdue for a new one. If I do not post any updates for a while it’s because I am unable to due to the computer troubles. I am hoping to somehow get a new one early in the new year but paying off this vet bill is my top priority for now. Until it’s been taken care of, no other major purchases can even be a tiny blip on my radar.


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