Melting Pot


I stopped by the craft store today and got some clay and glaze. I got a keepsake made for each of my pups. I didn’t quite get a full paw print for either of them, but I think they turned out well. Neither of the girls wanted to cooperate with stepping onto the clay. I’m going to try to get another made for Jenna tonight or perhaps tomorrow, in case this one should break.

Jenna seems to be having a good day today. She’s been pretty active compared to the past couple of weeks and she’s had a bit more of an appetite. Though she still has not touched her supper; I think she knows her antibiotic pill was mixed in with it. Stinker’s caught on to our tricks to getting her to take her medicine. I want to believe that her condition is improving even if only slightly, as there are some signs that it is. But I don’t want to get my hopes up, either. We will know the results of her biopsies in a couple more days. Still hoping and praying for a miracle.

For right now, I’m just waiting for the man to call and trying to finish up a scarf I’ve been knitting for the past month or so. It’s almost done. I’d hoped to finish it last night but didn’t, and I doubt I will finish it tonight either. But maybe tomorrow.


One thought on “Keepsakes

  1. The keepsakes are beautiful, Leah. I think it’s wonderful that you’ve gotten them made. Most importantly, I’m glad to hear Jenna seems to be eating a little more. With her antibiotics, have you tried using Pill Pockets? What about crushing the pill on a spoon, adding a little milk or water, and giving it to her that way? Or, what about just giving her the pill directly and following it up with a treat? Just some ideas to help make the medicine go down… Holding you and Jenna in my thoughts and prayers, sweetness. Always… ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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