Melting Pot


Jenna’s condition has gotten worse despite the antibiotics. She is staying at the vet’s to have biopsies done as the vet’s gut feeling from the beginning was that she has cancer but we had hoped that was not the case and that antibiotics would take care of the infection. =(

Please pray for my little Jenna girl.


One thought on “Jenna

  1. Okay, I know I posted a comment here. It seems to have disappeared. Hmm. Not sure what happened there.

    Anyway, I understand about not getting updates on FB. Here’s something I found really helpful: mouse over the the “friends” button. A drop-down menu will come up. Check to see if “Show in News Feed” is checked. If not, check it. Next – and staying on the drop-down menu – click on “settings”. Make sure you have “all updates” checked; the “most updates” setting is the default setting, and it’s what keeps you from seeing your friends’ updates. Hope that helps.

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