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Warm & Dry (Mostly)

Today is a day “off” from the usual routine, to catch up on rest. I slept in very, very late this morning. I should have been up at my usual time and ready to go handle the grocery shopping. But instead I slept. When my alarm went off, I turned it off and considered getting up. But I decided that I needed more sleep, and the groceries could wait.

The first couple days of this week were stressful enough that even after having finally gotten a decent night’s sleep and getting a couple extra hours in on top of that, I still feel drained.

Most of last weekend was spent preparing for whatever craziness that hurricane Sandy was going to throw at us. We got all the lawn furniture and decorations up from the yard, all important things in the basement were placed on higher shelves or brought upstairs. The garage was cleaned up and important things in there were placed on high shelves as well. We bought extra batteries and candles, water, food etc. We prepared for the worst the best that we could because if the weather predictions were right, we were going to nearly wash away. Of course, nobody can predict what Mother Nature is going to do. But my theory is that it’s best to prepare for the worst – so that is what we did.

Thankfully, the worst of the storm went around us. We did get some minor flooding, but only a couple inches of water and not the catastrophe that it could have been. Of course, we’re still getting fairly steady rain for a couple more days AND there’s some early snow in surrounding higher elevations that is going to be melting off and running into our waterways. The creeks along our property have gone back down significantly though they’re still up from their usual levels. The river is still VERY high though. With the river as high as it is, and the ground still fully saturated, we could still flood any time with this continuing rain and the melting snow, even though the official warnings have been lifted. I’ve lived by these waters my whole life… I know what kind of things to expect and prepare for. I don’t need the news to tell me when to be cautious about the water levels. We are not out of the woods yet, however the threat is not nearly as great as it was at the beginning of the week.

Our electricity did flicker a bit, but it stayed on so we were able to stay warm. I have some family in other states who lost power for varying lengths of time and some are still without power but other than that, all is well for all my loved ones who were also in the path of the storm.

My heart aches for those who were hit hard by this storm though, and especially those who lost loved ones. I know that I am very lucky and blessed that myself and my loved ones all stayed safe this week. Over four inches of rain in three days when you live right next to a river and two contributing waterways and NOT having your house filled with water is absolutely a miracle, and it’s one that I am inexplicably grateful for.

My final throught for this post:

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One thought on “Warm & Dry (Mostly)

  1. I am sooooooooo relieved to know that you’re okay, Leah! I know others who live in or near the path of Sandy, and I’ve been hoping and praying everyone is okay. Continuing to send love and protection…

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